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Just can't have enough of Barca. I have been an admirer of Romerio(reason why i got hooked up to Barca; he was my father's favorite), Rivaldo, Guardiola, Koleman, Cocu, Puyol, Xavi and Messi. Football is a passion and i love talking and arguing about this game..
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Oh yeah I know that just that Xavi leads in assist at the end of most seasons so I wasn't too sure if the stat was true... Thanks though...
5 years ago
I just heard someone say Gerrard and Lampard have more assists with less matches played than Xavi. How many career assist has Xavi Hernandez and who has the hig...
Selasie just Watched
Selasie just Watched
Barca will loose if it stays this way ..the only way we win is a draw or a win. A 3-2 defeat will send us to extra time..and 4-3 will be a win .which isn't like...
6 years ago
Sevilla is giving me a heart attack!
Sebparedes.. i think Ronaldo is improving as a team player now and he only flops against Barca...i'm laughing my ass off at your proposed routine for Ronaldo (s...
Its a game of football...we drew with them yet we won against you and will win again this december...
Looks like this is the most exciting match so far! (valencia vs madrid).. I almost pooped my heart out!!! Valencia plays better footbal than Madrid does
HAHAHA..Valencia fans chanting Messi's name!!!!
BarcaFreak...i mean Alonso is a strong hold in both the spanish and madrid midfield and if Barca is able to mark him out of the coming el classico winning will ...
Xavi is still needed in the Spanish national team. The second half of the game proved Spain's offensive game need people like xavi and silva. I think Alonso is ...
Guys, Ibra is writing his biography. He is allowed to say what he thought of or said at any point in his life that is either good or bad because that has made h...
I have been watching some videos and it looks like the Fabregas of Arsenal was much more intense, fast and decisive on the ball as compared to his current form ...
Impossible to log on to at my area, can someone send out a site where i can watch this match please!!...
Looks like the B side are really going to have a great season. They have very good potentials who can win the second division league easily. Although we lost, i...
Lujan8 is right; Cesc is not just a luxury add up. He makes counter attacks easily, fast on the run and has incredible shots on goal outside the box. SO to say ...
This was made up but it kinda looks real
7 years ago
Guys check this out...Hilarious!
Hi lets talk some football
8 years ago
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