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4 years ago
I don't see why it always has to be so black and white to be honest. I love Ronaldo, he is my favourite player. But that doesn't mean I hate Messi or want to di...
5 years ago
@Pukaki You mustn't watch many Portugal games...
Watching the hightlights doesn't count. Adan had a decent game. And Mourinho never said he was better than Casillas, merely that Casillas was out of form.
At least Giroud is looking good, one of the few highlights in another shithouse performance :/
F racist C. You figure out the abbreviation.
Lol shut the f**k up you fools just got beaten by Norwich hahahahaha. Suck it bitch!
Hahaha how ironic xD
Are you actually taking the piss? f**k off Yongc. Straight up just f**k off.
Grande Hugo Viana! Marcou e calou! xD
It's not all about money.
I can tell from your attitude that nothing I could say would change your mind. But in what way does one take the game to a team who is far more technically gift...
Meh I preferred the Denmark - Portugal game to be honest. But I can definitely see where you're coming from.
I'm guessing you only watched the highlights.
I'd hardly call that assessment ridiculous. I'm not agreeing with I4SUN, just saying it was actually quite even. Dortmund took their chances, Bayern didn't. It'...
6 years ago
Put that man anywhere near a box and he will finish. Period.
30 million for Andy Carroll. And now look at Newcastle. I'm not saying I agree with Nutcracker entirely, but don't start what you can't finish mate.
F**k Bellamy is a cheeky kient, gotta love it though xD
Well fucken said! And this is coming from an Arsenal fan, jesus it was terrible...
Acho melhor falarem em Português lol.
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