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3 days ago
1 week ago
Remember kids dont buy drugs become a celebrity and they will give them to you for free
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Little technical question for everyone today regarding our awesome win against arsenal do you think the red card was deserved regardless of the fact it was the ...
1 month ago
2 months ago
If anyone was upset about avb leaving just remember what happened to chelsea after they fired him
4 months ago
5 months ago
The quality of the internet highlights has gone downhill pretty badly recently its either tougher rules on copyrighted videos on the websites or mods are not as...
There is no record of albert fantrau or a record of cristiano ronaldo himself ever mentioning this event i highly doubt it is true even if its a nice story
10 months ago
All this transfer talk about chelsea players is making me nervous
Nice story but i doubt its true
Anyone know if santana last challenge was a foul? it sort or looked like one but they didnt show a replay so cant be too sure
11 months ago
Wales is part of Britain mate
He also got in the way of mata's shot
Am i the only one trying to remember why we bought moses? dont rate him too highly and i cant really see why we needed him
That was not a penalty at all but still through to the semis
1 year ago
I think those prediction are a little dire and probably are not 100% accurate but you cannot deny that he has made a huge difference to united this season
To those of you saying torres is back i was watching some of his old livepool matches and trust me the man that could run circles around defenders and easily po...
You guys are killing it out there
I have total respect for mourinho which is why i was so confused when i saw the lineup
Did not know that i thought mourinho was being an idiot
Why the hell isnt casillas playing?
Well i do remember a certain goal at the nou camp
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