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Watching football, especially the premier league and the Champions league, and playing, although as an Australian, I lack in the skill department.
Diving and players that dive e.g. Nani, Ronaldo, almost every player from Italy or Spain
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G'day, I'm Scroggin

Being an Australian I knew almost nothing about soccer/football until i was about 10 and I watched the 2002 World Cup. Up until then I had been watching and playing Aussie rules football and Cricket. In the last few years I played for my school team as a goalkeeper

I started to learn the rules of the game, as well as appreciate the sport, by playing games like FIFA 05 and FIFA 07, although the offside rule was a little harder for me to understand for a while.

Chelsea is my favourite team and Barca is my second team. I also like Arsenal and my favourite player growing up was Thierry Henry. My favourite player now is Frank Lampard. I like Melbourne Victory as well but I don't follow them as much as Chelsea. The A League is like Football League 2 in comparison.

Hope to see some great football, minus the dives, for many years to come. Go Chelsea!!
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Cheap goal from Long. Luckiest I've seen since Fabregas a couple of years back against sunderland. still, they all count
5 years ago
It's all falling into place nicely for a Germany v Spain final. whilst I would like to see this match I also want England to do a Chelsea and go all the way aga...
6 years ago
I agree even a goalkeeper with the quality of Cech can't help when the team's defence is that poor :(
Haha i love the Japanese commentators! they're verbal expressions are hilarious when Japan have any kind of chance on goal
Hahaha great pic thnx mate! Obama is stunned!
May not have always liked Gary Neville as a player but as a commentator he is so funny and combines well with Tyler IMO
It might not be the international stage, but England finally got one back on Germany!
Well said mate. cool votes coming your way :)
Fantastic match. it had everything from goals to cards. i would say though that the title race is far from over as we have seen in the past that City often deli...
Cannot even begin to comprehend how good spain will be. they're B team would still smash england
Wats with balotelli yellow card? i thought it was only a yellow if they took their shirts off completely. it's a silly rule anyways
While i'm dissapointed with the loss I am proud of the way the team handled themselves against the odds. Watch out Arsenal!
After all the crap United fans gave Arsenal is coming back at them now
Those supporters who left should be ashamed
This was a game where I feel both teams played well. Liverpool played with real creativity and Norwich defended well for long periods. but at the end of the day...
Torres' header was awesome. that took great technique
Torres' header was pretty mint too
The players probably had one eye on the weekend's match with city
Also credit to Alves. that save from Torres' header was unbelievable
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