ScripTip (Mani) is finally settling down for the weekend
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If Gomes remains how he was this last season, I'd rather have my cat.
6 years ago
Don't think Guardiola will be moving anytime soon, or Harry for that matter.
7 years ago
If I didn't have a lung infection, I'd be doing backflips. Well, if I could do backflips.
What's up Barcaaaaaaa?!?!?! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Baha, did not see your post til today. Good to see another one of us out there too.
Chillax buddies. He's only out for two weeks with a back injury. Old Harry's just gotta keep him out so he's set for the CL game against AC Milan.
Glad to see another footy fan on here living in Chicago!
Why the hell do we always have the weirdest damn animated cartoons? Seriously.
What the deuce Fulham?! How'd you fall so damn far down the table? C'mon now!
I believe in our Spurs. I couldn't help but laugh at the gooners though, ahahahahahahaha... still laughing. COYS!
In every aspect of their existences.
Not to brag... actually, yeah to brag. This has been my couple of weeks these past couple, at least in footy. Holy crap man, my two teams are absolutely on fi...
Oh my dear sweet Lord. What a terrible couple of weeks it's been for Iker Casillas. How's he supposed captain the Int'l team like this? WTF Ramos? W.t.F?! ...
Am I the only one who wishes that matches could be drawn between same country teams, just so we could see another match with the gooners?! Maybe I'm crazy :)
We SHALL see, because it's going to happen ;)
Maybe... probably true. But I mean, those ones I think are just keeping quiet to themselves at the moment. Class is not a fickle thing that comes and goes, yo...
More so in the second half than in the first, Gooners get some props for a good first but all taken away from the weak second :)
Hahaha, well a good day regardless, Spurs fans around the world. I'm still aakdfjdka;jfdkajfdkaj;fdkafjdakjfdkajfd;ka-ing here from the victory :D
Lol, it's definitely 9 a.m. in the States
Yeah, I was about ready to jump through my screen and choke Modric; my patience is really starting to wear thin with him. And when is VDV gonna be back to full...
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