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1 year ago
Maicon's strike. that is all!
Ronaldo's. considering he had a hand in Benzema's goal as well. both ridiculous strikes either way
2 years ago
Lool i think he was talking about the fifa pukas award which was handed out Neymar.
Hart got exposed. great strike
Come on Juve
Gervinho ?? bazil??
I think that the majority of you are stil missing the point... The best league lies where the best(beautiful) football is and as most of you agreed earlier ever...
3 years ago
For spain d.Villa perfoms way better than Torres so i couldnt see Torres even gettin something throught Spain, stil a great player.
4 years ago
When another winger or midfielder scores that many in a season again in this time and era then perhaps you can justify ur comment but until then its best u just...
Nah no way in heavens, 1 in 3 dats impossible... and then you have to look at how many shots as well because thats not a fair count. n every one who understands...
They are both absolutely incredible and amazing players, whether ronaldo is arrogant or cofindent in his own ability the same can be questioned in the way mess...
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