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2 cool votes for you :)
6 years ago
HAHA! Birmingham WINS - you lose!
7 years ago
Do you see this forum?! it's not the arse scum forum, it's the Chelsea forum so do us all a favour... make like a tree and f*ck off
8 years ago
We have a game in hand... do the math wise guy
Don't worry.. you still have a game in hand to settle the score and of course Bellamy is a total pain in the butt for anybody that he plays but that keeps thing...
He's on fire at the moment no doubt, he might just be the best left back of the season in the EPL and maybe even around the world. We'll have to wait and see, t...
Best song to go along with a highlight film
Why isn't Lampard from Spain? what kind of question is that O.o
We had that coming - great game by Malawi though! Anybody can have an off day or an on day, that's why we love the beautiful game of football!
People love to stir the pot, so many theories are flying around these days. Of course, they want us to turn on our own players by making them out to be fully in...
Umm Kaka... 0.5 C.Ronaldo... 6
BREAKING NEWS: Togo soccer team attacked; driver killed, players injured A bus carrying the Togo national soccer team has been attacked by gunfire in Angola...
We hope all is well after the gun attack, stay safe lads!
That's surely your own point of view kyriaks, although it stinks of biased and mislead hate. You can never over rate a player that plays with heart and skill, F...
He's so bad at it too!
How can you not love this man?! lol
What you're experiencing is what I call 'blue paranoia' and you should take a few deep breaths then calm down bud. You shouldn't assume that these players will ...
Full credit to the lads, well done super leeds!
Happy new year Jay, thanks and we hope y'all get back in the race soon.
Losing our African stars for a little while doesn't mean it's the end of our season, it's only what we make of it. People will always want to worry the fans but...
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