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I'm just a regular guy. Like those misunderstood Cavemen in those commercials. Hmm. You may not have seen those though. I am like... lets speak in footy terms, Liverpool. All this amazing history and magic and stuff, and yet... things are very real. Yeah. Like the morning after an Elk-kill. Boooouh. Antacids.
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Had to watch the goals again, too. Just great. Got to be one of the best games of the year certainly.
7 years ago
Both teams played amazing Barca-like football, but Barca got out Barca'd. RvP and Arshavin's goals were both classic, unstoppable goals. Neither was lucky. Att...
The loss was mostly related to their roster's value; Torres is a long-term investment that could pay off huge on multiple fronts, competitively and marketing-wi...
Torres is as good as any of the elite strikers in the world. If he plays well for Chelsea, it will pay off in a big way.
The better students and athletes in the United States typically do find their way to college sports on scholarship, though they can't get into decent programs w...
Your depictions of what I believe to be a Kraken and a merman were hilarious
The sentiment is shared, believe me; I can't even talk to some of the other members because I support a "rival team" (and I should note I support it as much as ...
I second that; you're body wears down as the day goes. You want to work harder in the morning as your body wakes up and peaks, then you can "remind" your muscle...
I'd say those that "know" football are not only those that understand the game in general, but can offer educated opinions subjectively. I'll be honest, every a...
The lower my margins go, the higher my "margins" go!
@ Marcinny Yes. They are called MAGs.
Outraged by the thought of Nani taking yet another one of his select pastries from the team pantry...
Spain's defense is just gone! 4-0. Yikes. You can't beat Spain in the midfield, but if you can break beyond the defenders they are just defenseless as this has ...
What you see ha? sounds really accurate and true. whatever man.
We do as much as we can based on what we see, but if you see something that is clearly against the rules (the footytube rules of conduct), thats what flagging c...
It's not saying that... it's saying it on a rivals wall. I promise it doesn't do you any good (the negative votes come as a result). It's to save you some troub...
Okay i guess. its not fair but ok
So reading ur comment on my wall, ur basicly saying that I cannot comment about my opinion that Bayern is going to win this year? you are saying i cannot say wh...
I got involved because you flagged a comment, and being a moderator on a site run by internationals and moderated by internationals and US citizens, NOT just US...
That guys said the samething to me a while back. I saw him and said it back to him. did say the same thing to him? U didnt. he knows what i mean. I can see ur ...
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