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4 years ago
Well played Chelsea,there is always theater in football... that's why we love it don't we?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Its not going to happen..
5 years ago
I don't get why Arsenal fans whine about "arsenal engineered van Persie" ...coz thats a total joke.. Van Persie NUMEROUS YEARS at Arsenal = No titles won Van ...
Manutd players need to watch this game and learn from spurs spirits
I personally think kagawa did produce some magic but really carrick controlled the midfield >
I feel bad coz man city won the title last season but their fans don't act like champs, oh wells, all I need to to know is Man Utd is the worldwide known club o...
Oh and Snitch, have you only watched football for the last 5 years? Coz that explains alot why you LMFOA at my comment about leeds... do your background researc...
BTW... ManCity team is made up of exiles and betrayal players anyway XD .. The only players that I like is Joe Hart, David Silva... look at the rest of the play...
Lol this shows how stupid and naiive mancity fans are... If you dont want to count CRon, then I might as well remove Joe Hart, coz Joe Hart was also bought and ...
Success is not valued by just one or two seasons... let alone just one or two games... No one can argue against liverpool or leeds being one of the most success...
In my opinion Arsenal played better away than Manchester that played home ... Man U needs to pick things up ...
There is no luck in 7 games of knock out stage, winning the CL is winning it, so stop whining lame barca fan... all you could do is hope messi doesnt grow old o...
First olympiakos goal was offside...
Did no one realize agger was offside for that goal?
Why doesnt SAF understand he has enough strikers and what he need is better left and centre backs?!... evra is really getting old...
Chelsea were lucky.... you can't deny that though... they were lucky but they played great football.. luck only comes when you invest the amount of effort to pl...
Pathetic fans that say "anti football" makes me wonder would it be "anti war" when soldiers don't run around like rambo ... when you feel you need to defend...y...
Whats all this fuss about "anti-football" ? Just a funny fact, bayern is a GERMAN club... GERYMANY won MOST of their world cups playing even"anti-football" tha...
Wth is anti football? can you even give us a definition? rofl... what is football? .. its 11 aside , referees, subs, coaches and fans that FREAKING enjoy the ga...
Thats coz the fans cherrish the event now so called "miracles".... just coz as a bayern fan you dont give a s**t about winning....
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