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I know, that's the first thing I thought of after DD scored, what a nicely placed ball by Cech!
7 years ago
Yeah that wasn't needed by Puyol. If anything, you would think he would want to hold his ground to show Ramos that he can't be moved by such a little puss. Ramo...
Skrtel giveth..........Skrtel taketh away.
Hope RVdV recovers quickly he has been great for Spurs. He would've been the one taking the penalty instead of Defoe I beleive(and he woulda nailed it home). Gr...
Good to see Sol Cambell get the nod in the BPL again.
I agree, too many subs are forced into the starting XI, JT is putting off a surgery and even when he does come back I'm worried he may tweak the knee further. S...
I think both Alex and Cech could be to blame for the mis-communication, it did happen very fast though. Alex must have not seen Cech coming up hard, he could've...
Yeah of course I want my Blues to win it, but Real Madrid has really impressed me in the UCL, 4-0 @Amsterdam Arena!!! I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a jo...
Isn't that part of their history, and why they are named "Internacionale"? because they were founded based on wanting to have a team that didn't have to be all ...
How can anyone who watches it say La Liga is boring? It is probably the most entertaining league to watch, depending on which games you are watching. I do prefe...
What a performance from Ben Foster! Somewhere Fabio Capello is smiling. Chels misses JT more than we all thought I guess, it'll be good to have him and Alex bac...
Hats off to Black Cats, they have a talented side, and beating Chels @ the bridge and without Darren Bent, impressive. I just hope Bent can get fit and stay fit...
Wow! Essien gets sent off for his unintentional two-feet challenge that barely made contact and Huddlestone doesn't get booked when his is intentional and did d...
This match was exactly what the docter ordered for Redknapp and Spurs after the Nani fiasco @ Old Trafford last weekend. I'll bet he didn't mind the tele interv...
This game featured two of the best Dutch footballers in the sport today. I can't think of a transfer that has meant more to their team than RvDV has for Spurs.
Gomez put the ball there because he thought he should've been taking a free kick. If you watch after Nani goes down in the box he drags (handles) the ball with ...
Up the Wolves, excellent result for Mick's men! The fact that it was against mancini and city makes it that much more delightful!
'Pool will be in good hands with John Henry, the Red Sox won their first championship in 86 years after he pumped money into that organization.
What a great game this was! RVdV Uses the pitch as his own personal playground. Great signing for Spurs. Dempsey continues to have good, productive games, go on...
Real will find their "fluid" form, but man, van der vaart looks good @ Tottenham.
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