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You all havent seen how shite he was for us. And how much he had improved in Roma. IMO the biggest transfer mistake in CFC history is still Torres.
4 hours ago
We'll settle for that Messi dude, I guess
1 day ago
Your whole point is that every mistake was forced by Barca, meaning they were in control the whole game. Funny you tell me to understand only what you're sayin...
2 days ago
Dude who is saying we played better? all we're saying is we played well. yes, some mistakes were forced, but courtois should be doing better for all his arrogan...
Chelsea are also unhappy and there is a bit of uneasiness in our camp. We need better players in some positions and our summer was bad. So we'll hopefully be ma...
There were rumors of jose being interested in willian.. if he wanted he couldve done the same thing matic did, but he stayed put. i might be wrong tho.
Whenever Chelsea as a whole have a blip in form, this guy goes super saiyan. Also turned down Utd to be a team player for us. HE HATES TOTTENHAM!
Sad to see the Messi record being shattered, it was a bit of a proud thingy for us that he hadn't scored haha. But all good things come to an end I guess.
You can support a manager while criticizing him tho. I think sacking Jose would be a terrible move for a club that desperately needs some stability. However Jos...
Didn't know supporting the correct football team was a qualification for basic f*****g human empathy
Klopp should've won something, that's true TWB. But you can see Liverpool are playing good football and it's improving slowly and steadily. They had an absolute...
Pioneer I think it's not the loss, it's way they lost. Sure, if Sevilla beat Utd then fair enough. But Utd fans are upset because Jose invited Sevilla to attack...
SanchezAlexis what a f*****g troll, asking people to even consider that Chelsea might not be pushovers. Barca4eve please tell me more about how Barca are SOO m...
Fact is, he had a lot of success with us. He made the core Chelsea (cech drogba essien etc) strong and made us formidable. For that he has the utmost respect of...
Edit: Chelsea FC is asking its supporters (with accounts of the event) to contact them. Posting this on behalf of: u/tmcd123456 "I was there tonight, it was h...
That's not cech, his soul is missing, you can see it in his eyes.
I miss cech, drogba, terry, lampard, cole, essien that is all
Yeah we had a good game.. now we shove that good game up our ass and finish outside top 4
I've had it. People like Samcrosoft and few others were calling him out from long ago. I thought the kid might learn and might actually have the talent to justi...
Yeah we can take our positives and finish top4.. next season.. maybe.. until players leave and manager leaves and we get f****d again. :)
3 days ago
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