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That's why I'm glad his form is bad
2 days ago
Hopefully it's a controversy free cracker of a game. hope you lose ofc, but should be fun
3 days ago
I'm really excited, it's going to be a close game. Hopefully Hazard has that 1 unplayable game haha
See, Suarez is the kinda guy who would put in extra hours in training and come back. Lukaku.. no offense since I'm an outsider, but I feel his attitude is lacki...
Yeah, and the reason I'm confident is because of the "Messi 0 goals vs Chelsea" stat which I really love (thanks Cech :') That's why if someone like Kante mana...
Jeroen don't prick our oblivious bubbles with your realistic arguments you :3 TBH I'm confident about Barca because we have a good record vs you guys. Looking ...
4 days ago
Sign Aaron222 as Chelsea GK ez.
5 days ago
Willian comes off the bench. We don't have much depth in CM, so Baka is more likely to start.
Yes definitely Spurs are a whole new team, but how long can they keep it up without winning before the likes of Eriksen and Kane are tempted by Barca, Madrid. T...
6 days ago
Spurs have been playing good football for a few seasons and have nothing to show for it, they are a meme now. Also the discussions are fine, and any discussion...
1 week ago
I'd switch Barca and PSG. And probably 80/20 on besiktas
He can have good intentions but the words he said literally imply him wishing physical injuries on his rivals. That's a stupid thing to say, no two ways about i...
Well I was glad we got Morata, of course footytube is kinda dead so you don't see much in general. I mean when's the last time you posted a poem BluFF? :P
Madrid were not budging with their valuation of Morata, so Utd said f**k it and pulled the trigger on Lukaku. The situation was the same with us and Lukaku, and...
FootballisCity: "Did you see how many likes I got? What does that tell you?" Also FootballisCity: "It's not about the likes.." lol
Man no way that was a pen
@BearWithFish replace Madrid with Everton, Lukaku with Morata and it's our version my dude. Yes, Utd came swooping in but I'm happy we didn't get Lukaku. We sol...
Longer than Booba has? Dude, Booba is a legend only the scarce few of us remember.
We have lots of CBs, selling Luiz and buying a quality LWB and a good midfielder (GORETZKA PLS) makes sense
2 weeks ago
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