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Completely false sif it's cloudst who's been distracting and psychologically scarring the players by spamming cat pics in their WhatsApp. You can see the effect...
15 hours ago
Jeroen chiming in with a humble compliment to the Belgian ;)
Why haven't Atletico not sold Griezmann already? He doesn't even convert penalties, always flops in big moments /s
Yaldho you're technically right, but it's too vague to group two completely different players in Matic and Kante under the same label "Defensive midfielder". Pr...
2 days ago
Yaldho read Liquidator's comment.
I would call Kante a B2B/Destroyer. To me: DM = Someone who acts as an anchor, and stalls the oppponent's attack (Matic) CM = Someone who receives and distrib...
I think every player would consider moving, and just because he's honest about it doesn't mean he deserves stick for it.
Hazard Costa Alexis Conte pls.
3 days ago
What's your source Bazinga?
4 days ago
His overall stance is clear tho - happy but open to moving to a bigger club. I don't see anything wrong with it TBH. It's not like Madrid will buy him over DDG ...
Lol, he is under no obligation to play for Chelsea only, so he's saying the right thing at the moment. If RM come for him (which they won't, De Gea :D) we will ...
5 days ago
Raj, Rooney5.. there are rumours Mou was Naija's ex lol.. jk Yes we won Europa.. but given our squad I don't see how we could've lost it. Credit to him for scr...
1 week ago
Lol Rafa was meh at best. His tactical masterclass of subbing left backs at 88' when we were 2-2 at Reading I will never forget. Rafa insulted our club in the p...
Lol even La Liga is better. Oh wait
Aaron how would you know.. unless.. ;)
I'd say he's quite loudly shouting and screaming in the touchline to his legacy. Not quite quiet ;)
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