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Almost everyone mentioned his release clause in their comments and the 4th/5th time (Sanchez's comment) you finally read it :P
It's 2017, you aren't going to get Lampards and Tottis who stay at one club for their whole career (unless the club is FCBs/Madrid). I get what you're saying, i...
Bazinga what are you talking about man. He has a release clause. You pay that money, his contract is void. But he committed to Atletico because of the ban.
2 days ago
Arsenal and Wenger might not want to sell him, but for Sanchez Chelsea is probably a great destination. He can stay in London, get better wages, compete for tro...
4 days ago
Lol "Sneijder to have medical at Utd in coming days" for 4-5 years
5 days ago
50m for torres will never be reasonable we all know it wasn't :P
Yea LWB in a 5 man defense, LB in a 4 man defense you get the idea
Conte LB Azpi RB.. Hopefully Ake RCB
Conte's text was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. His attitude has been poor to say the least.
1 week ago
I completely agree with you mate. Still love your rants xD
I didn't predict anything but Conte did great in the WC, + we got Kante. This year we didn't show up for the FA final, TW is eerily similar to 2015 summer, and ...
Because we ain't winnin no title Not at this rate at least lol. Alternate 1st - 10th 4lyf
Inb4 Bazinga rant
Well we shouldn't be spending 90m on Lukaku. Get Lacazete for far cheaper.. Lukaku is not a 90m player
It's worth making a new system around him and Hazard if he comes. ST Hazard James Willian/Pedro Bakayoko Kante Alonso Cahill Luiz Azpi idk random lineup :P
Madrid are asking.. £60m? I'd say it's a tad expensive but definitely worth considering. We won't depend on Hazard/Fab as heavily to create
@Filsuf he still has the most assists and has featured quite often. Plus won the league twice. Plus a nice salary. Not really a bench warmer. The bench is a Fab...
@Jeroen I agree that there aren't any good options. But for the price I think it's a dangerous buy with more risk than reward. £80m is a HUGE investment even...
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