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Jiangsu still won 3-2 in the Asia champions League.The elite competition Asia champions League.The elite competition The elite competition
2 years ago
Imagine though, a 39th minute goal being the quickest scored in the league at this point in the season lol
Costa looked dangerous and was causing all kinds of trouble for arsenals back four... Too bad he got injured, he def would've had a brace he'd he been fit the w...
Its the mask! Get it a contract!!!
Great game to pass the time - guess the player based on their transfer history!
I'm the complete opposite, I'm horrible at FPS, but I do have Battlefront. Crazy good fun, just wish there was more depth to the solo-play mode. Don't know my P...
So apparently Suarez is being Suarez again and supposedly started a mess post match by taunting Espanyol fans. From some fan responses, it seems like fans are s...
Can't wait for this nightmare to be over
And another thing... remember the saying "Form is temporary, class is permanent"? We will get out of this rutt. We might not have the season we had wished for, ...
This is such a strange situation... 110% underperforming, and no one knows who to accuse. Mourinho is an obvious candidate, reasons as to why pointed out by Suc...
Then cry...
I'm not convinced the answer is either. Instead, I think mourinho needs to incorporate youth. How much worse can it get?
Think these announcers are against us much?
No wonder he always leaves after three seasons...
And wehn ramires missed his f*****g clear
God we are s**t. No drive. No desire. No one wants to shoot. Middle-bottom of the table for us this season lads.
Thanks mate - best of luck to you guys as well. As much as I dislike Arsenal (its in my blood) I want to see you all do well in Europe. Cheers.
Talk about feels. Check out this lovely video of our special night in Munich: Lets do it again boys.
Great point!
Just realized we're still in 15th. Damn. Thanks TheBokiya 😔
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