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Week-in and week-out I begin to get more and more frustrated with mourinho and his biased team selection. Ivanovic is flat out horrific at the moment and his co...
13 hours ago
What's Eva have to do with our season? Just another talking point to try and distract us
18 hours ago
I was browsing the Arsenal page last night when I saw someone say that they missed the old 'good' mods. It upset me to no end. I wish I could speak for everyone...
1 week ago
So Matic's 3-match ban from last season should have been rescinded and Ashley Barnes should've gotten a 3-match ban? Hypocricy at it's finest. The FA blow my ...
BTW - top marketing by Adidas last season "There will be haters"
With one win and a 'Costa being Costa' game we are once again the most hated team in England!! We are officially half way to being the same team as last year, n...
They would be an exciting two striker system to watch, but it isn't feasible for match fitness/injury prevention. I like Remy a lot with our team.
Ur crazy lol
So... Who will be the group stage star that we buy in January because he's tears us up? Salah 2.0??
2 weeks ago
Tbh we had the same problem last year but we didn't notice/complain about it because we were winning and getting the results we needed. Mourinho, though he is...
3 weeks ago
I wonder what would've happened had that other play not gotten hurt
Our team is so bad lol. They look so confused. If I've never watched the sport before there is no way I'd believe we won the league last year. What do we do??...
He's being dispossessed way too easily
Do our full backs suddenly think they're world class wingers? Where Is the discipline that won us the league last season?
@Shiwa - for real?! That sounds incredible!
This is so difficult - I like almost everyone! I would have to say my favorite is Matic. His intelligence in his position is incredible and he is just a beast. ...
You're welcome! I'm not one to ask for much, but I just can't resist the prospect of having a Chelsea Lampard one is too exciting. I know you've got a lot lined...
Worth it to upgrade from Fifa 15? I usually only play career mode in the game or against friends IRL
Thanks for the kind words man! I'm just getting my portfolio off the ground so working on these has been an awesome boost.
4 weeks ago
Hey mate I just have to say that I think your artwork is incredible. Keep it up!
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