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Shake it off... shake it off
8 hours ago
Wow... 6 of the top 10 are from the Bundasliga. So that raises the question: talented dribblers in the league or bad defense on most of the teams?
1 day ago
I'm interested but my schedule is pretty packed the next few weeks. Sucks for you all because I'd be an easy 3 points lol
Over what system?
Adrian was wobbly... HAS to be Hazard's (gif of pass to Willian, Cresswell block)
2 days ago
Ronaldo nor Messi would have passed. Yes, it was a great find, but that has to be his
I totally agree with C61... so glad we won the game, but when will this team learn to take their chances with more of a drive to score? Willian was way too casu...
FFS were just not very lethal when we should be. Hazard needed to rip that shot. Willian is way too relaxed
Side note: Liverpool form is scary AF
So unlucky!!!
Not watching the game but I saw a tweet about Gomis... what happened to him?
Hey! Its okay for a man to dream that Booba has single handedly pressured the FA to instead focus on their campaign against Newcastle :)
Pumped for the game today! Hoping to see Zouma over Cahill, maybe see Cuadrado start RW and Oscar center.
Surprised the media hasn't picked up on this and reported about racist Newcastle fans lol
Ever since the PSG incident, anytime a Chelsea 'fan' does something stupid it is going to be reported to the world. Very similar situation to what is happening ...
3 days ago
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4 days ago
Because he is playing lol
5 days ago
You're all nuts. Definitely blue and black
1 week ago
And after Sunday's high and BR praise, he returns to public enemy #1 on the L'pool forum
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