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Talk about feels. Check out this lovely video of our special night in Munich: Lets do it again boys.
2 days ago
Great point!
4 days ago
Just realized we're still in 15th. Damn. Thanks TheBokiya 😔
5 days ago
Btw - play of the half was Willian's brilliant throw in
Ruddy AKA Robo-Keeper is a badass lol. Tip of the hat to him. Great first half. Lots of fluidity and pressing. Very unlucky with our shots but I thinks it's a...
Reddit page could work too, no?
2 weeks ago
You're a mighty knight, cloaked in the royal blue armour that is Chelsea. Your valiant and your motives are for the good. I wish I could be with you in this fig...
O build off C61 - playing dirty while the team is s**t is another thing... disrespectful to the fans in my opinion
Stokes defense was very reminicent of ours last season, though I have to say our defense wasn't at fault today. Arnautovic brilliantly capitalized on unlucky de...
Our fans need to start scaring referees into making the calls we want to see, obvious that the stoke thugs had a huge influence on the way the referee performed...
He should be in jail
And he stops the flow of the attack, whether he's trying to make a run like hazard or he tries to get a call, which we all now he will never get unless it's a c...
Unlucky all around... Arnautovic finish was brilliant but the way it eventually found his foot was unlucky. Pedro's post shot was unlucky. Butland saved the poi...
What more can this team do
Criminal from the ref
I would say shawcross' challenge was shocking, but it's shawcross. Stoke are an ugly lot who play ugly football, but they've got us locked down and their size i...
Of course it did -_-
It's a foul but he'll only get the call if he responds like a grown man rather than a child. He needs to focus on this game
Take off Costa... Tired of his theatrics and s**t play
Everton â˜č
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