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LOl i was thinking the same thing - re seedorf
7 years ago
Wow. By the skin of their teeth! better luck in the CL Inter :)
@ Koopa13. Great response mate!
Lol epic
I can see Ronaldo and Higuain having a punch up lol. If madrid had Dinho instead of Cr7 higuin would be scoring hatricks for fun
Wow. Drogba is unreal. Poor Arsenal. Defending was shocking. Miss the invincible days :( (was a madrid fan back then bahahaha)
Gooosbumps anyone? This is why i got the number 21 on my Milan jersey :P Wooooooooooot
The audacity he must have. sickening. Have you guys seen what Dinho did for Milan last season? TOP ASSISTS in Seria A. I mean common! Even Kaka never pull that ...
Those who think what he did is cheating are numbskulls. I actually dont think many others would have done the same thing but not because of fair play; because o...
I hope Dunga has trouble sleeping for the rest of his life. Arrogant fool leaving Ronaldinho out of the squad. That was an injustice to the fans. A WC just isnt...
Japan should be proud. Good game
Kira, no need to be a tool. his just commenting on a fantastic strike you idoit.
Shocking linesman. Might aswell get them to be waterboys since their fkn sht at their current job anyway.
This WC is scarred by bad refereeing
If only. Well done Ghana
Ranting at its finest
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