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Hahahaha wtf that's some English type of defending.
5 hours ago
Who wants to bet that Madrid are going to get a penalty if it's 0-0 at half.
6 hours ago
Why are you obsessed with Ronaldo's junk man?
1 day ago
Hahahaha I don't know why but this made me laugh really hard.
Pedro has scored the most against Espanyol in his career with 6 goals but I don't think he's the top scorer against them.
Can they please give an assist to Messi, Alba and Suarez there? Perfect goal.
Lol when I first saw your post I was like thank god I'm not like that. But as soon as I got into bed, all I could think of how the games would go against Juve, ...
2 days ago
Zilch, I always thought of you as a good friend. I respect you and I think you add alot to this site. You're a role model not only for me but for thousands of o...
You make no sense? Everybody knows Suarez wanted to play for Barca since his Liverpool days. Again what would you know about other players when you don't even k...
3 days ago
I wanna see Muller's face if you guys draw them! Come on Uncle Perez, shut Muller down!
4 days ago
@Spigy, it's actually kinda nice reading Juventus fans' reactions on Internet and a couple of my friends. Non of them are happy about the way you approached the...
The way Europa went I think it's clear they don't want an all Spanish final. So I'm betting my kidneys that it will be Barca vs Madrid.
They also have their league wrapped up so their players will be fresh. On top of that they were parking the bus against f*****g Monaco...even though they had a ...
Hahaha of course as soon as I come home and check the score, Madrid score...
Trololololol, I'm gonna be honest I wanted you guys to lose but wow. And this is without half of your squad LOL. Yeah hopefully we don't face each other till th...
5 days ago
So they will beat us 5-1?
So Chelsea are 10 points ahead, Bayern 12 points and Juventus 15 points! And yet I still hear the 2 horse league b.s. Speaking of Juventus, if both of us make...
This is actually so annoying. I was like hmm that's an impressive stat, but as soon as I saw Ronaldo's name I knew this was going to happen.
Then why is it that some of us still doubt him? I know he's made a couple of mistakes but which manager hasn't?
6 days ago
I'm gonna do of all the players I've watched. 1) Zinedine Zidane. He was the reason I started loving football as much as I do now. The only reason I didn't bec...
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