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Chicharito hands down. James is a lefty but Munez is a righty right? The way he hit the ball...damn.
5 hours ago
Add man when FIFA come out :) psn: ARC201 (all capital)
19 hours ago
Yep it's ps4 and will do my friend. If you don't mind writing your psn on my wall, there's still about a week left and I don't go on my ps4 unless I'm playing f...
20 hours ago
I call it Ultimate Team 15 :p that's the only reason I get it. But I reckon now that they brough the create a tournament mode, me and my friends will be playing...
21 hours ago
Varane has confidence issues? Are we talking about the same Varane that plays like he has 300 caps under his name, the one who doesn't care which striker is inf...
The only reason you're pissed off is because they criticized Messi. What about when they did the same to Sanchez? Cesc? And many others? Just because Messi is t...
Thanks for your help! And I'm not a big DF player, I just pick players that I like and see where that gets me. The reason I want to go Pro is it's about time I ...
So um im deciding to go Pro+ Member...I just have a question and you guys don't have to answer. How much do you guys pay? It says I pick and I have no idea what...
4ever, you serious? This was the first game of the CL campaign. Roma still has to play City away and at home and Bayern away and at home. It's impossible to pre...
3 days ago
Hahahaha what's more ridiculous than that is reading Rafa Benitez's rumours and how Madrid are looking at him to replace Ancelotti next summer! Bahahah guess Ma...
I really doubt Mathie is faster than Alba...Alba has lightning speed. Maybe perhaps he won out of all of our CBs.
The thing that pissed me off the most was when Barca faced Celtics and Neymar kicked the guy from behind and fouled him. Madrid fans were going crazy because Ne...
5 days ago
Well Alves is back, he can start instead of Montoya. I would rather Montoya start against Levante. It will be a tough game against them and I don't want Alves c...
This is the team I wanna see on Wednesday. ---------------Ter Stegen------------- ----Montoya--Masch--Bartra--Adriano ------------------Busi------------------...
Exactly, it was an assist none the less so let's just say it was intentional ;)
Yeah no way that's intententional. If you look at his form, it looks like he's taking a shot. But again, it's Di Maria so I wouldn't doubt it if it was intentio...
A swap deal? Are you guys kidding me? No offence but hazard is nowhere near Ronaldo. Hazard + around 50 mil sounds good. I love Hazard and he has the potential ...
6 days ago
Tharius, let me do the honours. He's there to link up! :p hahahaha
1 week ago
What the f**k. Seriously. Pardon my French but the man got you La Decima just last season with Copa Del Rey. Where were you when Madrid were lifting the trophy?...
Hahahaha oh wow. If that was a penalty then the foul on Munir should have been a penalty. You should really get off his back. You day dream about Madrid's tough...
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