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Hmm it would be stupid to pause the match. Say it's 80th minute and the score and Messi I scores to make it 1-0 for Barca, would it be really wise to stop the m...
17 hours ago
What does Isco have to do with Thiago? If anything it would have increased the chances of Thiago's departure since we would have Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Isco in...
Someone just said that EPL teams don't take Europa serious..hmm the things I have to say to that would probably get me banned from footytube so I'm just gonna k...
I would rather have an unfit Suarez who has 0 chemistry than Pedro. Pedro has been almost useless for us. He needs to pick up his game. I also don't want munir ...
Im not trying to add insult to injury but is Liverpool playing with 10 men? Cause it sure looks like it.
1 day ago
Yousif, wouldn't say a defensive mistake. Like Andres said, it was lucky. The ball was bouncing around and it came to their player and they scored.
2 days ago
I'm just waiting for someone to blame Ter Stegen for that goal...
My god...Neymar won't fit in Barcelona. These two are something else.
If you're talking about Marca then don't waste you're time. Wanna know something surprising? Their biggest target is Real Madrid themselves. The amount of garba...
Call me whatever you want but I'm actually more scared of Isco than I am of Bale. I'm not saying Isco is better but I would rather have Bale on the wing than Is...
3 days ago
UNICEF im telling you ;) haha but in all seriousness, send Castilla to take on Liverpool with Ronaldo too. Should be enough
4 days ago
Why is everyone so scared of Liverpool? No disrespect to them but Madrid will have an easy game against them.
The ball that he passed to Messi's goal was actually a bad pass, Messi just made something out of it. But you would need to be good at the sport to know that ;)...
5 days ago
There's no way Suarez can do worse than Pedro. Munir is not ready yet so yeah, I would go with MSN.
If crossing like a headless chicken is called creating chances then no thank you. If you seriously think he actually played good then you're blind. You keep bri...
Math wizard^ :O
Pedro has to go once our transfer ban is lifted. If we get 25-30 mil I will be happy. And why go into Classico with 4 points ahead when we can go with only 2 o...
Nor can he attack. My grandma can do better. Its like all he knows is crossing, he cant dribble or pass. And i wouldn't mind if his crossing was actually good. ...
Get the f**k outa here seriously. Did you see how Dani just backed away from the second chance? Both Pique and Dani were covering him but Dani just kindly stepp...
I honestly can't wait till Alves leaves...seriously what the f**k does he do beside send crosses?
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