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So Ozil won German player of the year again...for what? For scoring a hattrick against some unknown team in CL? Kroos who won the Champions League and is proba...
16 hours ago
Ceferin (Uefa president): "We will not suspend the referee (who officiated PSG's 6-1 defeat to Barca), referees are not suspended." But how can this be :(? Ma...
1 day ago
Hikmat, that's no banter buddy. For a while now you just keep coming to our page and crying.
5 days ago
Is it just me or have you become an annoying little troll Hikmat? Every time we say ANYTHING about Madrid, you come crying. I thought Barca fans are the ones wh...
Lol this guy has become a perfect troll now. Comes every now and then, says bullshit and then leaves. You must thrilled your team Chelsea are doing great. I won...
1 week ago
Thank you good sir :) both ties are going to be one hell of a show. May the best teams come out on top.
Or uncle Perez has something to do with it ;) we all know he bribes UEFA. I will prove it! As long as you keep getting mad every time we mention Madrid lol
Hikmat woohoo you guys finally got a tough draw in 3 years...
You know what's messed up? Bein sports did the predictions and they got every single match up right...what are the odds?
Possibly the worst draw for us :( anyways I just hope it will be an exciting battle! Can't wait and good luck to you guys!
Madrid vs Bayern! Holy s**t what a game that will be! Let's see if Carlo can deliver what Pep failed to do.
Holy f**k some mouth watering games!
At this point I think even I can be City's number 1 and I've never even played GK in my life lol
Ok and what happened to Spurs? Stubborn manager? EPL only out through 5 teams in the last 5 years to the QF...Stubborn managers? Pep's fault?
Watch out he will call you a troll now for proving him wrong lol
LOL @realfan, since you were a Chelsea fan back then...let me remind you of what happened last time we faced you guys in CL. Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi past one...
How am I supposed to know he meant hit on the break lol? He literally said "park the bus".
I agree, should have controlled the game and try to go to second half 0-0. But City had a shitty first half and then picked it up in the second.
And that's why we have 3 teams in the competition while your 2nd, 3rd and 4th place team got knocked out.
Park the bus? Yes Pep f****d up but since when does parking the bus guarantee you anything? Especially against Monaco who are Europe's top scorers.
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