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I wish it was that easy. I expect it to be very tough and I just hope it's an entertaining 2 legs. Barcelona are the clear favorites but Arsenal have shown more...
11 hours ago
It was 5 am here. I was out till 3 am. Slept till 5 and watched the game. No way in hell I can miss a Barca game due to sleep.
15 hours ago
Even when he came on, we were playing like s**t. And he had over 30 minutes to make an impact. Fact is we were just garbage today and got lucky to come away wit...
19 hours ago
Lol Wikipedia nice. Your whole argument is based on ifs and buts. Heynecks announced his retirement, the club went and got Pep, Heynecks won the treble and deci...
We really need a second goal. Looks like our boys are still asleep.
20 hours ago
Lol what? Heycknes announced way before they announced Pep's arrival that he was retiring and leaving at the end of the season? It's Pep's fault that Heycknes h...
23 hours ago
Lol Pepe Guardiyolo. And oh yes, City are a dominant force. They have been destroying EPL and destroying CL for years now... in the last 10 years they have onl...
1 day ago
I highly doubt Dybala would come to Madrid. He's clearly made it known that he would like to play with Messi in the future but he's happy in Juventus right now....
2 days ago
I thought Suarez had 35 goals? But either way, wow. And the season is just barely half way done. I'm expecting Suarez to reach the 50 goal mark.
4 days ago
At first I thought it was funny but like Hikmat said, I feel bad for him. Hopefully he doesn't think too much of it and just laughs it off.
They really need to change the penalty plus a red card rule. A yellow would have been fine. And I guess our players are still after the crossbar challenge. We n...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Tanmay, I disagree with you. Why should he deserve our sympathy or support if he's gay or bi. We live in 2016. Everybody should be able to do whatever they want...
5 days ago
Hahahah that's funny indeed :p But you can't be cup tied in Copa right? Only European competitions
6 days ago
I have to respect United fans. Almost all of them recognize how good Pep is and are gutted he didn't go to United. I actually wanted him to go there too. Arsen...
I said this to Bayern when Pep moved there and I'm going to say this to you guys. Expect many youngsters to either get promoted or get minutes with the first te...
Bazinga I think it's hard not to agree with you. He's definitely one of the best, but the best? I don't know either. For me, Lucho and Simeone are up there too....
Lol this is the only year a bottom team EPL team has been first for this long. Don't talk like this happens in EPL every season. And yes, EPL has money and yet ...
Lol the reason Leicester is 1st because they are the only team who have been somewhat consistent. That's all it takes to win EPL. One consistent team. Look what...
"All those 3 is kind of a challenge for pep, but united was the best option in my opinion if he wanted to prove the likes of j00 and me wrong." No offense but ...
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