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Lol ronaldo is celebrating CL. Messi is celebrating la liga and Copa. Salah is celebrating...
1 day ago
F*****g assholes. Barca has to win CL every year until I'm 32 in order to match you guys 😂. Unreal and unbelievable. Unlike some fans who only have hate in ...
Lol so Messi has moremore goals than Ronaldo and Salah and has 2 titles. Ronaldo won CL for the 3rd year and Salah finished 4th with s**t all and yet they are b...
I'm surprised no big English club is after Lenglet. He's had a great season and was a beast against you guys plus he's refused to sign a new contract with Sevil...
2 days ago
Fair enough. We deserve all the trolling in the world after a f*****g performance like that :(
1 week ago
A united fan laughing at us lol good one
2 weeks ago
Garbage f*****g team. Can't even f*****g beat Levante without Messi and he's not even there to save us tonight. All these players can f**k off.
Lol Liverpool won't be playing at Anfield. Easy game for Madrid.
Lol you forgot Pique should have got a red for tackling Ronaldo and injuring him
And Marcelo just confirmed that Sergi didn't touch his face and yet he went to the ground like he got Tysons punched. I can't believe Madrid fans are crying abo...
"I think Roberto's red card was too much and harsh. I didn't feel like he touched my face" -Marcelo First of all, thank you Marcelo for coming out clean. Secon...
Lol S2killinit, are you joking or you serious? Messi didn't go studs up with 2 foot slide tackle. Yeah it was a rash challenge and a deserved yellow card. How c...
LOL I don't get fans that do that. Put another team name and support another. Look at his profile, all of his comments are about Barca. Not even about Madrid bu...
3 weeks ago
Lol you need to grow up with tour name callings. Why don't you ever talk about Arsenal?
Lol calm the f**k down buddy. Go celebrate Europa league. But I forgot we are the glory hunters
I think the only important record City can't beat is conceding only 15 goals. The rest City are smashing it
Lol how in the world can you blame Tolisso. Players put their keepers in worse situations. All he had to do was just clear the ball.
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