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LOL all of those guys have fun multiple titles with us. Madrid teams are really getting obsessed with us
1 hour ago
^^what this guy said.
3 days ago
Verratti would cost the same lol
4 days ago
Https:// Got it off ...
But I heard he was injured at the tournament. Correct me if I'm wrong. Besides 35 mil is not a bad fee. We do have to pay an extra 20 mil based on performances...
I can't believe people still judge others based on tattoos. It's his body. You may not like it but how can you start liking somebody less because they choose to...
Lol #Wedidntwanthimanyway
5 days ago
Who do we think should win it or who do we think will win it lol. I think Ronaldo is going to win easily. But I honestly wouldn't mind Pepe winning it. It's abo...
1 week ago
Lol Varane can do whatever he wants but he's not starting over Pepe. At the moment no one comes close to Pepe. It's just sad that Ramos has a starting spot guar...
But but why should I use logic? Messi is a tax fraud and he's probably sitting with a smirk on his face and laughing at the law...He's evil inside and he is als...
Rui for Buffon, Griezmann where Ronaldo is and Payet where Griezmann is. I would also add Portugal's RB. He was solid.
2 weeks ago
Pokemon Go is the best! I've never seen so many active kids in our neighborhood. Usually they all just sit in the basement and play games. Now at least they are...
Lol Euros and World cup. Where is Copa America? You do know Copa is like Euros right?
Lol sorry, you said you're not that big of a fan of Madrid's club politics. And yes you've said it a thousand times that Ronaldo is better and you've also sai...
Everything aside I just want to comment on only 6 million people watching the CL final from UK. LOL is that really a surprise to you? English teams don't make...
Lol and the first thing he says when he comes in to this chat is "I'm not a Madrid or Ronaldo fan". Then he goes and comments writes this. Hmmm
Lol and this guy says he's not a Ronaldo fan...
^^Exactly. We are literally living and watching the two best players to ever play the game. When they retire, then we will realize what we had.
Who wants to bet that he won't make it in the World XI...Instead it will be Ramos and Pique lol
This team was surely lacking stars but that doesn't mean you can't win. If anything, this year proves that it takes a team to win trophies. Leicester and now po...
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