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I swear our fans have the shortest memory in football. When we were using our B players as back up, people were complaining that they are not good enough and th...
City definitely need another RB though. Dani Alves won't be able to play every game and he's certainly a defensive liability since he pushes up too much. But a ...
2 days ago
And that would be ok? If Ronaldo is guilty and Perez does something to get him off the hook, you would be fine with that?
Lol oh poor Ronaldo, now the whole country has something against him..
Spain are such a good team at that level. They have a lot of good players. Such an exciting team to watch. They just beat Portugal 3-1. I will be surprised if t...
Yep I heard he did well in Milan. I just watched the U21 game and Deulofeu was one of the best players on the pitch with a nice assist too.
I get that Madrid had a better season than us but are they trying to be better criminals too? Lol. First Benzema then Ronaldo and now Modric and Mou. Modric is...
"so fans put pressure on the club to help him out with his taxes." If he is guilty, Madrid won't be able to help him with his taxes lol.
Lol just saw your post. And you're right, I really need to start ignoring him. I've been doing that for a while but when he said "sure Messi scored 50 goals" a...
3 days ago
4 days ago
Sandro was a beast for them. He even scored against us. Scoring 14 league goals with a team like Malaga is a big deal. But again, he's still really young. Don't...
5 days ago
And before anyone says anything about 3-5 seasons thing, Zlatan lit the league on fire when he was 35. Ronaldo is a much better player and a much better athlete...
6 days ago
In what will be a dreadful few years? Lol damn can you also tell me the lottery numbers please!? Didn't know you can tell the future And you're damn right Bar...
Hide your dirty secrets! No one is safe!
If Ronaldo truly wants to leave, there's nothing Madrid can do. They would have to respect his wishes since he brought them every title possible. I can see him ...
Lol guess what? Now it's not a big deal and they are targeting poor Ronaldo :(
Iniesta, Casillas and Alonso I believe all had to pay a fine for dodgy tax business. But let's just wait and see what happens.
If you did the crime, you pay the price. Simple as that. If Ronaldo is guilty then he's guilty just like how Messi was. But I'm gonna say this again. Messi, R...
Leefo, never had a conversation with you so...
Lol @Vaaz, it's funny how you discredit Messi being as the best because of his tax fraud issues which has nothing to do with him being the best. But now that i...
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