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While they did get some of them right, I don't get how they can say it was penalty for Carvajal. The keeper completely took him out. Penalty any day of the week...
8 hours ago
Players like James and Isco are struggling to get minutes at Madrid, you think they would waste money on Alli? Unless of course they get him to play for Castill...
15 hours ago
I thought Southampton was Liverpool's academy, no?
I see Van Dijk's name alot lately. Is he actually good or you guys just want him cause he's a Liverpool academy player?
I don't think we are playing that bad but our finishing is garbage.
2 days ago
Lol Arsenal fans like to make themselves happy by saying oh the reason we can't win EPL is because we play in Europe lol. Their European campaign doesn't even c...
I guess you're right. But my main point was that while they may be good in EPL, in Europe they will have a difficult time. Same goes to almost all EPL sides rig...
3 days ago
Maybe it's not fair to judge them from this game but I honestly don't see anything special in Spurs. There's a reason they got knocked out of CL so easily. They...
The shittiest part is that it just encourages players to go down at contact when they don't give you a penalty for staying on your feet.
I don't get how Danilo turned so bad. I remember all the big teams, including us, wanted him.
If Kameni goes into God mode like he does against us then Madrid have no chance lol
Lol he finally got a yellow after his 6th foul.
5 days ago
Illira should have a yellow by now. He pulled down Messi twice and fouled him once. So should Yuri.
Not sure what game you're watching but Jasper kicks it away every time he gets it as he has no option to pass to.
Except he does have an aging squad though. Their average age last game was 29 and if you take out Stones and Sterling it bumps up to 33. That's a pretty old squ...
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