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My front 3 is Niang and Bacca with Muriel as CAM lol. And my second team I have Pato and Bakambu as ST with Correa as CAM.
5 hours ago
I agree, still has yet to learn alot. Oh and watch their second goal. Look at the space between Masche and Umtiti. That's where Nani puts the ball and they scor...
13 hours ago
There were so many miscommunication from Masche and Umtiti it was crazy. I think it's safe to say it either has to be Pique-Masche or Pique-Umtiti
14 hours ago
I think we needed an ugly victory like this. It will just bring the group that much closer not to mention we got 3 points in a tough away ground.
The best player ever vs the best keeper ever (penalty wise)
I think the ref didn't give it because he over exaggerated the fall
15 hours ago
It definitely is one of the most annoying but rewarding game modes. Last time I finished in silver 2 league and got 15k with a 35k pack and a 25k pack I believe...
Any of you play the ultimate team FUT championship game mode? Do you know if once you get to a certain league one weekend, do you stay in the same league next w...
1 day ago
Any of you guys play the FUT championship on Fifa 17?
Anybody play FUT 17? Particularly the FUT championship?
Damn just saw the reaction of the crowd when RVP scored. Put a smile on my face. Oh and good game from United. You guys needed that confidence boost
2 days ago
Crxxx, I'm not sure how many Barca games you watch but we have evolved so much since the Pep days. 1) We are not completely obsessed with possession. We will g...
We looked really uncomfortable until the red card. Our midfielders were invisible, we couldn't create anything and our defence would just launch the ball forwar...
Well said. I bet you most of these people didn't even watch the game.
^^it's funny how you guys just lost to a Spanish team and the guy above mentions how it was Pep's fault that you guys couldn't beat Spanish teams. Is Pep still ...
Lol @he tied Atletico 2-2 and lost on away goals. Didn't Atletico just beat Bayern? Or is that Pep's fault too. I pray to God we play Bayern when they finish se...
3 days ago
What was that you guys were saying? Lol no thank you. They can keep Bravo.
By that logic Barca should have 2 goals...
Such a dead atmosphere. The fans need to get behind the team
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