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Chocolate > Vanilla!
He should be pissed at himself. All of the players should be pissed at themselves. They are playing like s**t. You would expect that a trio of MSN and a midfi...
1 day ago
Lol all of a sudden Leganes players' injuries were gone and they were up and running.
Justin Trudeau > Trump! In fact Canada > The great U.S!
Waiting for people to blame Gomes...can't you see that our problem is bigger than that? Even Messi can't make a simple lob pass that he usually makes from 40 ya...
Our whole f*****g team's form has gone. What the f**k is Messi doing? Can't even go past one player. Watch us lose this s**t.
Scary thing is that Ronaldo is getting back in form. Haven't watched too many Madrid games but other than the Napoli game, I think he was involved the most toda...
Still can't see how you can blame Pep. Tevez went to a direct rival while Thiago went to one of the top teams in a different league. If anyone should be blamed ...
2 days ago
Dortmund won while Bayern dropped this real life?
Lol I just don't get how you can even talk s**t about other teams when you're an Arsenal fan 😂😂
I agree with Dan, but in those 2 seasons Neymar has won more trophies than Arsenal have in a decade 😂
That move by Ronaldo, my god!
Sanchez--Lewa--Robben :O I think I just wet my pants.
I have a question for the fellow fans who have been to Spain. So this spring I'm planning a trip to go to Spain for a couple of weeks and watch a game of Barca ...
Lol no thank you.
3 days ago
Might have been a mistake for sure. I don't think any fan would report that Vaaz. And even if we did, DaGaza didn't say anything that would get the comment dele...
4 days ago
Agree with Kaplica. How is it Pep's fault? It's our boards fault for being bunch of idiots and not making sure Thiago played enough games. When his price droppe...
Not sure if 5-1 is a better result than 4-0 lol. Both teams need to score 4 goals without conceding.
5 days ago
So so so happy for Thiago :) it broke my heart when we sold him but I'm glad he's doing really well in Bayern.
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