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Ahh as long as he apologizes it's all fine right?
5 hours ago
He's competitive.
Hello, my PSN is noobdestroyer786 I don't play ultimate team because I can never keep up with coin buyers, but a friendly wouldn't be so bad, more of a season...
Yo. My psn is: spartanlad22
My friend I wish there was one big secret to FUT but there isn't. There's only some really good tips you can use to stay ahead of the game. First and far most t...
DaGaza I will add you and message me anytime if you wanna play. And for PS4 Reus is about 170k right now. Everybody's prices went up due to TOTY finishing.
So whats this big secret with FUT?!?!
DaGaza, I don't think anyone can match those numbers. At least for a long long time. What we are forgetting is that Messi and Ronaldo are still active and they...
Hahaha DaGaza, Remy is the easiest striker to face against. Even though he's fast all you have to do is send him to his left foot, then he's done. But you guys ...
We are talking about Ultimate team. In that case I could try ronaldo but too expensive. Same with Bale. Doumbia is around 2k
1 day ago
Emenike is pretty s**t. I have Aguero, Hazard, Neymar, Reus but my favourite player who I have like 186 goals in 112 games is Doumbia. Best striker in the game ...
Hmm I only started watching from 30th minute and I saw Messi attacking from the RW
3 days ago
JRaty I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Not only do our midfield look useless but Messi is nowhere near as dangerous on the right as when Suarez i...
Seriously not trying to start anything here haha like I said I play competitive football and I know exactly what it's like to be frustrated. Anyway good game, j...
:( wasn't meant to be a Ronaldo or Messi debate but rather a Barca vs Madrid. When you're player does it it's understandable for you guys, when our players do i...
So if you have 4 months rest you can play every game? I didn't know human body works like that. Hmm thanks
It was indeed an exciting game. Wasn't expecting Crodoba to fight this hard but it's nice to see the lower teams standing up to the bullies of La Liga.
Lord have mercy if that was Messi doing it. He would be called the Devils son.
Somebody needs to teach that guy a lesson...hahahahaha and they wanted Messi banned because he swore at a player.
St1or that's why I said unless they wanna be like Mata and Soldado and leave because they don't get a chance to break into Madrids starting XI. And can someone...
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