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Hey hey hey you leave Sanchez out of this. Or else I will send Heskey after you...sorry just had to bring his name too :p
17 hours ago
Well Evexo said out of the 23 nominees unless we could add others, in that case mine would be: 1) Suarez 2) Robben 3) Lahm
19 hours ago
Please stop with the Bendtner jokes...they were funny like 2 years ago.
It's absolutely hilarious how much Ballon D'Or means to the Madrid fans. The same fans who were saying things like the award has lost all its credibility, the a...
^^hahahaha this cracked me up. I remember in either fifa 09 or fifa 10, Pedro was a lefty :p
2 days ago
Ok seriously if Messi doesn't get a 5 star weak foot in fifa 16, I'm going to sue them.
Except the finishing. We need to somehow find more chances on goal and Messi needs to play closer to the goal.
Damn look at Pedrito go, Arsenal better prepare an 80 mil bid ;)
Seriously how crazy would it be if Dortmund got relegated? I know people keep saying the season is long blah blah blah but the way they are performing, it's a s...
Just face it, when your players and managers talks it's all understandable but when our players and managers talk, it's the end of the world.
Hahahahahahaha oh imagine if Xavi said that.
Exactly, I mean keeping him in Spain and then calling him back shouldn't be a problem in terms of him adjusting to the team. A smaller team where he can be a re...
4 days ago
You're talking as if Munir is like 27 years old. The kid is still learning his football. We brought him to the first time and it didn't work out. I'm sure he wi...
Wait what? Carvajal is only 22...? I swear I thought he was 26. But that's good for our national team.
5 days ago
Weren't some of you asking for Munir to start and even bench Neymar? I told you guys he's just a kid and you are hyping him up too much. But I remember some of ...
And you guys still have how many games left, 3-5? Wouldn't bet against you guys reaching the 200 goal mark. Really impressive.
Hahahaha thats the biggest joke. How is Real Madrid the top team the last 5 years? We have been winning our group the past 8 years, have made it to either quart...
6 days ago
And neither of them can you stop.
1 week ago
Yeah Tharius can't play...for obvious reasons like um...he's Colombian. Yeah that's why, no Colombians. Sorry but you can still watch us ;)
The same fans who were blaming the referees after every El Clasico, the same fans who were saying Uefalona are now telling us to stop complaining about the ref...
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