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Lol f*****g kids arguing like they do on YouTube and Facebook. Someone legit just said Barka 😂😂 the only thing that's left is for Barca fan to say Madridi...
Surely there has to be better team than Dortmund to win it? They've been absolutely terrible this year.
2 days ago
Yeah wtf why getmad if they are celebrating? You know what would have been the best way not let them celebrate? Beat them, simple as that. Any team in the wor...
Lol that's bullshit about Jose leaving a title winning team. Did Chelsea win the title with Mou in his last year? No. Conte did a lot of work to give you guys t...
4 days ago
BearWithFish, exactly! Suarez has been so f*****g shit the past year he makes Lukaku look like Ronaldo lol
Wow. Jeroen that's story of his life except now he only does "that". I'm happy that he scored and maybe I should curse him out during every game?
Then I personally invite you to come watch the Barca game right now and you can see if I'm telling the truth or not. I can count with one f*****g hand how many ...
Rakitic doesn't offer s**t I get that. But at least he can make a pass (even if it's all back passes) and he can at least somewhat tackle. Not defending Rakitic...
Lol United fans literally don't know how good they have it with Lukaku compared to us. I would f*****g take Lukaku over Suarez right now even if both of Lukaku'...
I swear to god if anybody blames Rakitic for when we tie or lose this game and not say anything about Suarez, I'm personally gonna reach through their phone and...
And then he comes out and calls himself the best player in the history hahahahaha. I guess he needed somebody else to call him that besides his fans lol
6 days ago
Ahh gotcha. Klopp also didn't strike me as the type of manager to force a player to stay since he has really good relationship with his players.
1 week ago
@onetwos, didn't Klopp force him to stay this season?
It's head to head when it's 2 teams tied for points, what is it if it's 3 teams tied?
What Sanjeev said. United don't need to play their top players. Pretty sure United U23 won't lose 4-0 at home to Moscow. Not to mention City have 2 away games. ...
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