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Besides the second goal, I don't think Ter could have done anything for the other goals. It was more so our defenders that let us down.
13 hours ago
I was about to say that I enjoyed reading all the unbiased opinions about this topic but I guess not :p. Anyways, I can't add anymore to what you guys have adde...
You can't change it to legacy online or FUT unless you're playing CPU. And I completely 100% agree with you Pejvl. Just run with a fast player and you can almos...
Why take a risk with our backline and play Verms? Not saying he's not quality but he hasn't even played with us yet. I'm pretty sure we will go with Mathieu and...
2 days ago
7 games including the CL game. I think we are all surprised by the way our backline has performed. The grandpa aka Mathieu is proving all the doubters wrong and...
3 days ago
You know what's sad? How so many people get caught up in the moment and try to prove one better than the other. I seriously don't give a s**t if Ronaldo wins th...
Hahahaha @Cjayzz, I giggled when I read give away Benzema for free :p. Seriously the things you guys say about Benzema are some of the funniest things I read. Y...
First one was Messi's assist and the second, well in my heart it's his assist ;). Haha someone tell him to take it easy.
So it's been 8 minutes and Alves has already crossed like 10 and out those only one was good. Wow.
United can't catch a break. After going 2-0 up, they concede one and Rooney gets himself sent off. The funniest part is that there are SOME United fans who thin...
Villareal play some of the slickest football I have seen. They had some good chances but unfortunately once they go behind, they stay there.
He was just kidding..
4 days ago
@kgb, haha come on let them go at it :p as long as it doesn't get too ugly. @realfan, hahaha the only reason I come to this forum is to read Tharius' and your...
Cause apparently it's Messi and whatever he does is a crime.
5 days ago
Just like how you guys justified Ronaldo's elbow. It was in heat of the moment. And you really think players don't insult each other? The only reason this is a ...
So people can't swear nowadays? Hmmm. Have you ever watched EPL and especially Rooney when he goes around saying f**k off or go f**k yourself? But it's Messi ...
Hahahahahahaha!! Tharius you made me burst into laughter in the mall....thanks a lot! I'm crying now but oh well.
Ronaldo elbows= it's ok cause it was in the heat of the game. Messi swears= he's a little bitch, he's a monster, ban him, omg the devil. Makes sense.
Hahahaha what hypocrites. When Ronaldo and Ramos were elbowing people for fun, they say it's in the heat of the game but when Messi swears, omg..ban him.
You still think I just said that cause I don't like you? Or do you think the whole world doesn't like you and it's a Yousif vs the world kind of thing. And be...
6 days ago
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