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What? I actually think we are playing quite well. Besides the finishing, we are getting many chances and we are shutting down the opponent. I seriously don't kn...
21 hours ago
Haha didn't know I wasn't calm?
Please let's not start comparing Bale and Neymar. Ronaldo and Messi is not enough? We have seen how important Bale was for Madrid last season and we have also s...
2 days ago
Are you new to life too or what?
4 days ago
He just said if it was up to him he would stay here forever. And I'm sure the club would never let him go either.
It's just funny to me how in 2010 world cup was everything. Some Madrid fans were even suggesting that Xavi or Iniesta should have won it. But now world cup has...
5 days ago
Ronaldo was defiantly not a flop in CL or even the final of CL. But he sure was in World Cup. Injury or not, he was a flop. Giving one assist that gave them a c...
Damn it went from 3-6 weeks to 3-4 months. Hopefully he comes back sooner.
Hmm almost all of the top players in the world have been enquired by top clubs. Madrid, Chelsea and many other clubs were interested in Neymar, Sanchez, Suarez....
6 days ago
And why would we use him as RB? He is one of our best defenders and why waste his talent out wide. He is not fast, not a dribbler, hasn't done anything for us t...
1 week ago
I'm not even gonna open the link but does it say 19 mil? I don't see why Carano would go less than 5 mil right now. Considering his age and his potential and th...
What a pathetic f*****g team. No spirit what so ever. When we have the ball, we are walking around. No movement except Munir. We wait for the opponents to come ...
2 weeks ago
The most impressive things tonight are Bartra and Ter's ball distribution. Wow can he hit a 40 yard like its nothing. I think he only misplaced like 2.
My rant of the day. Why the f**k does Xavi still take free kicks or even stand over the ball when we have players like Neymar and Suarez who are proven goal sco...
Alves needs to learn a thing or two about crosses from Marcelo. He's made 3 crosses and one of them Benzema scored. The other Benzema missed by a yard and the t...
Messi who ruins it for everyone? So you're telling me everybody else in the team presses like they are supposed to except Messi? Get outa here. Pressing is a te...
3 weeks ago
Suarez starting, I am really excited to see him play.
Hahahaha Slim that comment killed me.
What SIF said. I think we have had this conversation a while ago about some of Madrid's youth products. Jesé Rodriguez right now for me is one of the top talen...
When those players that were holding the record ever thought someone would beat it? I mean how long before someone beats Messi's records? Oh and for me the bigg...
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