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Lol someone just said Ramos didn't make contact with Messi. I'm done with life
22 minutes ago
Again, how was I off topic? Please elaborate. Tharius was talking about Ramos' red card, I was talking about Ramos' red card. He said he left his team hanging, ...
26 minutes ago
What a defensive team seriously. Only 69 goals and 1 goal behind Liverpool? Pssht parking the bus I tell ya!
5 hours ago
Griezmann hands down. I don't get where the idea that Griezmann doesn't show up in big games sometimes comes from. Last I remembered, he always f*****g scores a...
7 hours ago
I don't understand why Perez hasn't sold Benzema and Bale by now. Zizou can easily move Ronaldo as ST and get Hazard and someone else on the right wing.
If you think I'm trolling, simply report my comment. When Tharius said " when the league is on the line get your head outta your ass. FFS!" I thought he meant...
I also don't like La Liga rules and techs and especially if an incident is not in the refs report it doesn't count. As for my comment, he was talking about Ra...
11 hours ago
Lol it was violent and excessive so he gets 1 match ban. Neymar sarcastically claps, 3 match ban. If you seriously think there's nothing wrong with that then I ...
14 hours ago
@MSN, I don't even think he talked s**t. I think he just clapped sarcastically.
19 hours ago
That's a straight red and a dangerous tackle. I always thought straight reds are more than 1 game?
Why worry? Ramos is only missing 1 game.
Yep, and watch the first goal. The little dummy he does and the way he takes his defender with him leaving space for Messi is nothing short of genius.
2 days ago
What I don't understand is when he jumps, only his right elbow goes up. The way his body tilts just so his elbow lines up to his face is suspicious.
The more I watch it, the more I'm convinced Marcelo did it on purpose. I agree with Franky and I also agree with him that I don't think Marcelo wanted to knock ...
No way in hell is he better than Hazard. Isco us f*****g amazing though buy not Hazards level. Just because he played well against the last team in the league, ...
I just want to say, that Messi celebration was f*****g epic. It broke a lot of trolls' hearts, 2 specific ones to be exact. Not sure what will hurt them the mos...
Rakeshh, because Lucho sometimes trusts those players too much.
I can only imagine Marcelo and Neymar in Barca...they would probably be just as good as Dani and Messi
Well you should write a little more than "😂"
He also said he would pick Bale over Neymar 😂
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