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If Pique pressured properly then Messi wouldn't need to drop back and pressure. So yes, it is Pique's fault. Oh and my ex texted me last night. She probably saw...
1 day ago
@Jeroen, I never knew that haha. I knew he was faster than Hummels but I have never seen him run with speed. But I will take your word for it.
2 days ago
Wait what?
He liked your comment too :p
Hahaha I guess you should transfer all of us to the Arsenal forum since we all disagree with you. And are you serious? Ramos was the best defender? What the f**...
This actually might be a good thing. There's a two week break due to international games and hopefully now Tata doesn't call Messi.
Well Yousif must feel pretty dumb now praising both Ramos and Pepe like that. The grass always looks greener on the other side my friend ;).
Hahahaha yeah the same Ramos who is great at attacking but mediocre at defending. You laugh at Pique's performance at WC but not Ramos'? And that aggressiveness...
Agree with JRaty today. Some really good subs that changed the game. Lucho knows what he's doing. When he brought on Sandro I was kind of questionable about it ...
Hahaha this guy just got nothing else to say so he repeats the same thing. Pique was our best defender. Simple as that. Maybe you're hate is blinding you. He ha...
Are you f*****g being serious right now? So Mathieu's bad clearance was Pique's fault. Get off his back. Seriously. Pique was solid today while Mathieu had some...
And how didn't he earn a start? Seriously I think most of you are just talking s**t about Pique because others are. He is actually not that bad and like JRaty s... Ok so I'm not sure if we have discussed Douglas properly or not but if we did,...
If one thing I learned from Costa, it's that he is very consistent. He will score all season long and doesn't really have a dip in form. He may not score hatric...
3 days ago
He's actually matured up so much. He's becoming so wise and it's great to see that. Down the line when my kids are watching football I will be able to tell them...
I did read it again. You said the champions of each league. The teams I mentioned didn't win their league so they wouldn't be in champions league. Edit: and i...
4 days ago
Even if you guys don't do anything yet, with the players you have and with manager you have you guys are bound for glory soon. Gone are the days of the bus ;).....
So no Barcelona, Madrid, Dortmund, Arsenal, Chelsea?
@Che, not only did we not have any flops but when our players do perform good we sell them the season after for half price ;). Beat that Chelsea.
The most crucial player in Madrid's attacking? Ronaldo has something to say about that.
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