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You call that a legit penalty? Nvm I forgot Pejvl, you were the one defending Ronaldo's dive last season again Celta saying it could have been a penalty.
10 hours ago
Are you serious? Go watch that kick again. 2 game ban is more than enough
2 days ago
I warned chelsea about this and I'm now warning you guys. You do not want Atletico over 2 legs. Not saying they are unbeatable or that they are better than Arse...
I was calm about it last time until Madrid fans literally made up stories :p
LOL at the delusional Madrid fans making up stories inside their heads. So Valbuena has come out and gave an interview about the whole blackmailing thing. I adv...
Obviously he intended to attack Neymar because he did attack him. And no I can't imagine why. Isco is not that type of person. He didn't even start the game so ...
So Isco is banned for 2 games. Considering that's the first time he's done something like that (or did he do it before?), I say that's a fair punishment. I was ...
3 days ago
Samper is effing quality. We already knew that but I'm still so excited for him. Go watch Samper vs Roma. In the 45 minutes he played, he list the ball once I t...
4 days ago
Who's Messi? Oh the little guy who only scored 2 goals today? Shitty player, couldn't even finish his hattrick
5 days ago
Beating Madrid 4-0 is not a championship team?
This is how you know none of our players give a s**t about individual awards. Let the less fortunate have those. Both Messi and Suarez on a hattrick and they gi...
I will be pissed if Sergi is injured.
Can I cry? I'm watching the game with my girlfriend and her mom. Is it ok for me to just start crying? Or is it too weird
I'm not sure how hard it is to understand that both Neymar and Suarez are 2nd and Ronaldo 3rd. But good try though
See the thing about Suarez is that he doesn't give a s**t about individual awards. You can tell when he has an open net but chooses to pass. And the fact that h...
Carvajal just came back from an injury. And do you guys not remember a certain special one getting destroyed 5-0? Like I said, he deserves at least till the e...
6 days ago
This is weird cause go a few pages back and you will see Madrid fans praising Benitez and saying he brought solidarity to the back. All of you were happy with h...
Neymar was like that in his first season at Barcelona. Tried doing too much with the ball to impress and more often than not, he would lose the ball. Look at hi...
For me Atletico is 4th with chelsea and PSG behind them. Of course that's last season though
1 week ago
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