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There is a loop hole, but tell me which team wouldn't take advantage of this?
14 hours ago
How is it our fault that our board, even with the ban signs the players our coach wants but yours doesn't? Why take your frustration out on us just because you ...
Iscodisco, couldn't agree more.
16 hours ago
And a great replacement too. Rafinha and Sergi are just not ready yet if Iniesta or Rakitic got injured.
Malik what are you talking about? I love Rafinha but he's nowhere near ready if something were to happen to Iniesta or Rakitic. Don't you remember last season w...
Blueskiesahead, he would add much more than Willian. He's one of Atleticos best players.
LOL now that the tournament is done, punsandguns and Rakshasan come on hahaha
2 days ago
LOL Messi doesn't get any competition in LA Liga? Ok fine. How about all of the English players? They have been playing in EPL all of their life then how come t...
Thank you DaGaza. I'm not sure how people can judge two of the best players ever based on a couple of games played every few years. If anything, their consisten...
I'm not sure what world you live in. Almost every legend says Messi is the best or one of the best the least.
That's the dumbest s**t I've ever heard. Messi won't be considered one of the best? He's considered the best. He doesn't need to win something with Argentina. B...
Omedking 1-0 Maaza
3 days ago
Stupid auto correct. And Germans are just class act all around
4 days ago
Who's onnn?? We are running out of time
Wolfsburg have retired the #19 jersey for Malanda. Huge respect :') Edit.
5 days ago
Realfan I don't blame you. That's all media. Same thing for me, I hated Ronaldo for the longest time. I didn't even know why. Some people say oh but he's a dive...
Theo exactly...this is why I only like reading the rumours, never get my hopes up until the deal is actually done. And Rafey, to explain more about our ban. W...
6 days ago
But Pogba won't be coming in until next year or the soonest would be January which is unlikely. And Turan has been linked heavily with us and Chelsea. Either or...
Arda is being linked heavily with both Chelsea and Barca. Amazing player, he would add alot to both teams
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