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Vaaz, we all know you hate Pep but come on man you sound so pity. You're blaming Pep for his sacking hahaha. This is not Carlo's first season. You could have sa...
3 weeks ago
Lol I knew it. I knew he's going to somehow blame Pep for this. f*****g hell 😂 "Pep ruined Bayern and left Carlo with an hard enough job, now that becomes i...
I still don't know what quote you're talking about. Can you please show me the whole thing? Pretty sure you're taking it out of context anyway. Bayern did pla...
What are you talking about I deleted 😂😂. I don't remember saying anything like that and even if I did I was probably talking about vs Madrid. Can you show...
Wtf? Me? 😂😂 you've got to be kidding me. No, I was the guy trolling Bayern when they lost to Atletico and when they finished 2nd in the group. I was sayin...
Damn I guess it's not that easy managing Bayern then hey 🤔
LOL Pep at least managed to win 3 league titles and take Bayern to 3 semis. Ancelotti couldn't even make it for 2 seasons 😂😂 And here all these Madrid fa...
I can definitely name you a couple of people who will some how blame the own goals on refs and cheating and diving haha
Yep he's been absolutely garbage. Defenders now just have to focus on Messi and there goes our goals. The only good thing now is that players like Semedo, Umtit...
I've noticed that too. I was really young before Messi and Ronaldo era but wasn't like 40 goals a season a big deal? Even now players are scoring 35+ goals a se...
@4ever, really? I thought Pique was awful today. He was getting caught too many times and was giving away cheap fouls. He was really clumsy IMO
It could have gone either way but the ball was going away from the net though
Lol Pejvl how can you even compare this to the Pique situation. Pique got a yellow for doing that. He got punished unlike Ramos. But again if I remember corre...
Lol oh yes we are so done
Lol Hikmat are you really defending this? Are you serious? First of all look at how Ronaldo throws his hands in their air like he got shot. Second, he trips ove...
Holy s**t didn't know Cr7 got shot..I hope he's okay! Prayers! Lol and a Madrid fan dared to say Ronaldo and Messi are occasional divers 😂😂 yeah Messi d...
Lol Costa is one of the best strikers in the world. Morata has potential to be better but as of right now he's nowhere close to Costa. And Costa "struggles" wit...
LOL!! Ramos' red card was unfair? He has 20+ f*****g red cards. They are all unfair? He got his first yellow by arguing and pushing a player. He got his second ...
2 of which were unfair? You can make a case for Ronaldo but Marcelos was unfair? He kicked out at the player. It's not the first time Marcelo has done somethi...
4 weeks ago
Hikmat, What :O????? You don't say...But what about Neymars money? :(
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