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And we won 4-0 that game ;)
10 minutes ago
Ask Jeroen how you can upload the pics. I remember him going to Madrid and posting the link for the pics here on footytube.
11 minutes ago
Lol I wonder what Madrid fans have to say about that
12 minutes ago
Woohoo! Have fun fellow Cule :) and hopefully Barca can give you a win
6 hours ago
Please don't start Varane lol give us at least half a chance considering our shitty ass form
Lol we can always have a dig at Bayern and the unstoppable Ancelotti (according to Madrid fans) even if our team is doing s**t lol
12 hours ago
Pedmar...awkward...we've already done it LOL
13 hours ago
Woohoo we did it! Now let's go get that MLS cup. Amazing 2 leg tie. Everytime it looked like we were out, we came back with a goal.
1 day ago
Moe66 that's what I was thinking too but first we have to solve our RB problem. I would love to see Sergi back in midfield
Why are you only comparing the past 2 seasons? We still have Alba, Pique, Sergi, Busi, Iniesta and Messi who are starters. That's 6 out of 11 players starting f...
Lucho and Enrique :) too early to even think about managers. This is the same coach that got us 8 trophies in 2 seasons
Not sure how many of you follow MLS but Toronto just beat Montreal 5-2 (7-5 in aggregate) to advance to MLS cup. Crazy game. Let's bring the trophy to Canada no...
His resume is not that impressive though, strictly speaking of winning League titles. He only has like 3 league titles in all his coaching career. Edit: just s...
I'm glad too :) Pedrito has always been quality. It's a shame he left us but I'm happy he's doing well for Chelsea
2 days ago
Oh man that's just tragic. May they rest in peace. Like you said, life first football second
3 days ago
Lol @Iscodisco that's correct :p but it was all rumours and I'm pretty sure us going for Moses is a rumour too. Besides, he's a vital player for Chelsea no way...
Franky give it up man. This the Internet. Logic goes out the window. And even if someone is logical, their ego is too big to admit something. We just got bunch ...
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