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Doesn't take a genius to guess that haha :p
1 day ago
St1or, besides a couple of bad games Song has always performed good for us. I don't know why all this hate for no reason. And yes 7/10. There's a difference bet...
2 days ago
Song is actually a very good player. It's just he never fit in our system. To say he can't even play his own position is disrespectful. Plus every time he playe...
3 days ago
And add to that, not every player is a tactical genius. There are some who are gifted like Xavi and others not so much. I always found the midfielders and defen...
5 days ago
How can you even compare James to Ronaldo...
6 days ago
Congrats on James :). El Clasico is getting even more entertaining!!
1 week ago
Ahh thanks for this Mt. For me, he did very well. You can see that he is still just a raw talent but what a talent he is. Sharp Messi like turns and bursts. G...
Asasiyun, with the board we have we can expect the unexpected. Next thing you know we will bid for Fred.
Neur who? Haha just kidding. And is that Bagnack at the back? Whoever it is, he is doing really well and so much confidence during pressure.
JRaty, he has been for sure. This is just the beginning, I'm sure he will be a key figure in Barca B this year. ter Stegen's first touch, very confident on th...
Nah it's mostly B players so no massacre. And do uou have a good link with English commentary? I'm watching it with a Spanish commentator. Edit: really excite...
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It was just a joke. My opinion still stands that he is not good enough for Madrid's first team but I saw an opportunity and I took it :p. No harm done. Peterz...
Hahaha @Hari, it's funny cause it's the exact same thing I told my friends. I said watch our board beg for Marquinhos and Mathieu until the transfer window is c...
A bunch of juicy stuff from Josep Maria Bartomeu that gives fans a sneak peek into their favorite game of fantasy. “At the very least we must replace Puyol. T...
I think Welbeck would be an amazing sign for Madrid. Honestly, I think he can lead the front line. Having players like Jose behind him will help him a lot and I...
Then why the f**k does Messi and Ronaldo need the World Cup to be the best ever...?
I swear to god if Hummels transfer to ANY club other than us, I'm gonna poop on every Barca board member's chest!!!
"He gets supported by the likes of Di Maria, Aguero and Higuain" hahahaha oh shut the f**k up. Those players you mentioned were garbage except one or two games....
2 weeks ago
Hey you wanna go DaGaza, one on one brah.
Hahaha take it as a joke, you know you are one of the few dark side users that I actually like Realfan ;)
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