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Messi who ruins it for everyone? So you're telling me everybody else in the team presses like they are supposed to except Messi? Get outa here. Pressing is a te...
10 hours ago
Suarez starting, I am really excited to see him play.
1 day ago
Hahahaha Slim that comment killed me.
2 days ago
What SIF said. I think we have had this conversation a while ago about some of Madrid's youth products. Jesé Rodriguez right now for me is one of the top talen...
When those players that were holding the record ever thought someone would beat it? I mean how long before someone beats Messi's records? Oh and for me the bigg...
That's fine but I don't get how Modric's foul wasn't a card?
4 days ago
I could only imagine what Pedmar would do if Barca won...oh wait hahaha I still remember all the things. And buddy, stop calling names. If we are jokers then yo...
He was indeed good except for a couple of yellow cards given to Barca sand a couple not given to Modric for example when he tackled Suarez from behind. But othe...
R.I.P Senzo Meyiwa. For those of us that don't know much about him, he was South Africa's captain. He was found shot dead today. My thoughts are with his famil...
Hahahaha actually Pedmar, if you go back read almost all of us were kind of iffy about Suarez starting. The reason some of us wanted him to start was cause Pedr...
Wtf? So him saying you guys sat back and hit the counter is being a sore loser? Wow hahaha.
Yousif I really don't know how you can't see Alves' mistakes. While yesterday he did have a good game even though Marcelo teared him a new one, every other game...
You do know that MSN just played their first game together right?
5 days ago
A lot of positives we can take from this game. Let's keep our heads high. The better team won. But I just noticed something and I'm sure many of you have too. E...
That attack came from Dani's side. Where was he?
There has to be some kind of record of how many penalties Madrid get a
Hahahaha they were bound to get a f*****g penalty. If it wasn't this, it would have been Ronaldo flopping around, Benzema following their leader too.
Nope, Bale starting hahaha
I don't get how work can interfere with Clasico haha. I mean I don't work weekends but when I did, I always always always took those weekends off as well as som...
6 days ago
Hmm so are we counting both league and country? What about friendlies?
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