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Samper is effing quality. We already knew that but I'm still so excited for him. Go watch Samper vs Roma. In the 45 minutes he played, he list the ball once I t...
4 hours ago
Who's Messi? Oh the little guy who only scored 2 goals today? Shitty player, couldn't even finish his hattrick
Beating Madrid 4-0 is not a championship team?
1 day ago
This is how you know none of our players give a s**t about individual awards. Let the less fortunate have those. Both Messi and Suarez on a hattrick and they gi...
I will be pissed if Sergi is injured.
Can I cry? I'm watching the game with my girlfriend and her mom. Is it ok for me to just start crying? Or is it too weird
I'm not sure how hard it is to understand that both Neymar and Suarez are 2nd and Ronaldo 3rd. But good try though
2 days ago
See the thing about Suarez is that he doesn't give a s**t about individual awards. You can tell when he has an open net but chooses to pass. And the fact that h...
Carvajal just came back from an injury. And do you guys not remember a certain special one getting destroyed 5-0? Like I said, he deserves at least till the e...
This is weird cause go a few pages back and you will see Madrid fans praising Benitez and saying he brought solidarity to the back. All of you were happy with h...
Neymar was like that in his first season at Barcelona. Tried doing too much with the ball to impress and more often than not, he would lose the ball. Look at hi...
For me Atletico is 4th with chelsea and PSG behind them. Of course that's last season though
3 days ago
I don't think it's a good idea. Not because Gerard is not good enough but because we would hurt his development. Let him stay in Everton for a couple of more se...
You guys hit the nail in this one and the one to blame is Perez. He's like a spoiled kid who has a new toy but as soon as he sees another toy he throws away the...
Does anyone know what channel is the game on besides Sky sports and bein sports?
4 days ago
Like I said, if I call myself a doctor it doesn't make me one. And jeroen, have you ever met a very religious person? They are the most peaceful and kind people...
5 days ago
Malik I don't know man, there's a difference between not being match fit and coming back from a delicate injury. But again, if Messi does start that means he's ...
So if I call myself a doctor, go around doing operations on people. Cutting them open with a kitchen knife, then closing them up with staples. Does that make me...
Wow. If you have a few minutes, make sure to read this. Time vs Busi
6 days ago
That's some unfortunate things to hear, i know that what you have written is true about how arabs treating indian or south east asians here, but personally i ha...
1 week ago
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