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Honesty, after seeing his preseason I never once doubted his ability to fit in. One of the best signings we have had in a long time.
Evexo, if Del Boss should look at anyone first it has to be Jese. I really miss watching and can't wait to see him play for us in the national team. We could re...
2 days ago
I think you guys are hyping up the kid way too much. Trust me when I tell you that he will lead our line in the future. But this is his first season in the top ...
I'm just gonna like DaGaza's comment. I wanna see how high we can take that :p
3 days ago
Hahahaha f*****g ban Suarez for biting because he is a repeated offender. But don't ban Ronaldo or Ramos (Ramos doing this s**t more than once) because it was i...
4 days ago
St1or, we shouldn't be talking. Our board sold our 2nd and 3rd best player. I'm sure non of the Madrid fans want him gone but he's leaving and they just want it...
5 days ago
Easy guys. Those dark siders can't take a joke.
6 days ago
Hikmat where do you get your information from? Barca board confirmed that we went in for Suarez before the World Cup and they were waiting to sign him until aft...
1 week ago
He's really good. They call him the next Messi. He went from playing for Juvinile A to playing with the first team in a year. Plays for U-19 Spanish team but is...
Ronaldo to Messi and Messi scores! I mean Sandro to Munir but you get the point...
Orgasm. Orgasm everywhere.
For me off the field incidents like that are worse. Why? Because even though it would have been just as bad, doing it on the field is somewhat understandable. P...
He's no exception but the amount times he could/should have dived but didn't is an exception.
So I'm sure many of you have already heard about Brandao's attack and Motta. I just want to know, what do you guys think will be a fair punishment for him? I me...
@Pejvl If I remember correctly you were the one who claimed both Messi and Ronaldo dive occasionally. If you think Messi and Ronaldo dive occasionally than I ha...
Go to it converts to your time.
Mt1234, you thought we wouldn't find you here hehe ;).
I'm sorry for being a total dick earlier. But you just said Everton has no chance of winning the league so what difference does it make if there are more team...
Denis Suarez scores his second goal for Sevilla :).
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