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As of now Arsenal, United and Liverpool may be a top club in England but not in Europe. They haven't done s**t to prove it lol
2 days ago
I agree with most of the things you said except Arsenal being a top club lol. Finishing 4th every year while winning 2 FA cups in 1021023 years is not a top clu...
I don't know, I completely understand where people are coming from. For me personally football is a big big part of my life. It made me into who I am today. Kep...
So you're telling me this is completely fine? Its like I have a company and one of my sales person quits and gets a job at one of my direct rival companies. The...
Franky, it does make a difference but that's only a small part of the problem. Look at teams like Leicester, Dortmund, Atletico, Juventus or even Tottenham. Sur...
Yes because Basti leaving to England and Kroos leaving to Spain is same thing as Hummels leaving Dortmund to join a direct/only title rival in the league. Makes...
3 days ago
Holy s** much disrespect towards Villareal in the Liverpool forum wow. Lol they think just because they've knocked out Dortmund they can beat anyone.
Franky wtf man get of Someone's back. The ball incident is sad yes but you're gonna compare that to Simeone leaving the grass long and dry? Are you effing kiddi...
No I would rather City go to the final and lose to Atletico :p
Why in the world would you want an English team to win it lol
^^ exactly.
The ball was bouncing around weirdly a few times. But that bring said, Pep needs to cut his bullshit. They had chances but couldn't score. Atletico took advanta...
Oh come on Franky. Neymar does the same s**t
4 days ago
Why Thiago? He left us. He couldn't wait for his turn. As much I loved him, I don't want him back.
Are you serious??? I've fallen in love with Saul this season.
Saulllllll I mean Messi!!
As a defender, we rely so much on those tactical fouls. Now my question is, is that cheating? A lot of people say it is but trust me, as a defender sometimes th...
Doesn't look like City are set up for counters. They are pressing high but look toothless in attack.
5 days ago
I'm actually so impressed and so jealous of Lucas. Wow amazing talent.
I was gonna say 0-0 too but one thing Bayern has over us is their ability to stretch the game and send in those dangerous crosses. Not too mention they are good...
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