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Alfaz (Alfazfa) from Queenstown
Would love to get to know footy fans all over the world especially Man.Utd fans...
Alikhattab105 (Ali Khattab) from Los, USA
Cool guy
A person cannot be described through a paragraph so.. heres a quote for ya we're all running around the circle of time through ordinay and extraordinary incidents till your destin ...
Allhailarshavin (Chandrashekar) from Chennai, India
Alucard41 (Gio Irving Chambliss) Philippines
Alym09 (Aleem)
AmericanMike (Mike Pilles)
Amey014 (Amey Sathe) from MUMBAI, INDIA
Amoory (Omar Alik)
Andtre2010 (Andrew Treece)
Angelo (Angel Orbe Estrella) from Miami, U.S.A
Ani26 (Ani Haile)
Aniket27 (Aniket Bothe)
Im 14 i play for a club team NUU 97 cannons
Ariyanti (Ariyanti_mr) from Palu, Indonesia
I love watching a football match since 2000 (when I was 14 years old). It may be stated too late. hihihiy :) Btw, I want to have extra money to buy a better coach and buy some play ...
ARod9 (Aidan Rodriguez) from San Antonio, USA
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