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Lol too true!
6 years ago
@M27try Okay so by your logic Hercules is better than Arsenal because they beat Barca with 1000 times less funds to build their team compared to Arsenal? Also...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Actually Codballz if you've been following United all season you would know that's usually Fergie's standard line up against the elite teams, he used that line ...
Okay coach, let's hire you for next season...
Still a notch higher than Serie A
7 years ago
Hilarious coming from a Juventus fan, Ronaldo won the CL with Manchester scoring the most goals that season in the league and on top of that FIFA player of the ...
Park Ji Sung Man of the Match for 2nd half for me. Jesus he's incredible, tormenting Chelsea all season long.
Add me please
Real Madrid have the most stacked team in all of Europe when their players are all healthy. Kaka is brilliant and the trio of Kaka, Higuain, Benzema is immense ...
Okay so Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barca, AC Milan have all been victims of Park's performances, who are we missing? Real Madrid? Damn I love that guy huge b...
Hahahaha... when will you babies stop whining... do you remember how the refs ripped off United in their last game at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea? Oh yeah i...
Somewhere on FootyTube
That's beside the point, everyone seems to have forgotten the free kick that lead to that potential goal for Ghana shouldn't have been given, the Ghanian player...
I'm feeling sorry for Real Madrid fans more than Arsenal fans after that post lol. I think you should just stop watching football period.
Someone teach Balotelli to put on a bib: LOL
Once again, when an erroneous call is made a hater makes it a point to let the world know United got away with a call. When it's a fact calls like these happen ...
Thanks for accepting the friend invite!!, It was great to see every time rooting for us yesterday :D
F**k YEAH! SO HAPPY ARSENAL WON!! I was rooting for Arsenal, true underdogs, everyone was expecting Barca to thrash them. GOOD FUCKINNG JOB GUYS! Good for th...
I love how you're trying to trash United when Chelsea are still 4th, and you do so by downplaying an "epic comeback," very ironic you're telling us "there was n...
Love how Berba walks after that immense tackle, yet they still manage to score... perhaps his "laziness" is a style that works for him, rather than an hindrance...
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