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GattoRefi wrote in On Salts wall
Hey salty, what software did u use to get that obama poster type picture of I presume yourself?? :)) appreciate it if you can answer on my wall, thanks
4 years ago
Hey Salty. Ant was asking about you the other day, haven't seen you around for awhile. How's things?
5 years ago
His mom obviously didn't give him the age-old advice of: If you've got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!
Yes but Roy Keane is a master at avoiding things he doesn't want to talk about. Take for example the interview a few weeks ago when he simply stared at the jour...
He managed to turn the matter to himself and how he was so horribly treated in 2002. Again. If he thinks that Ireland should "get over it" perhaps he should let...
I am fully aware that Roy Keane was a spectacular player but listening to him question the honesty and integrity of anyone else is a joke. I have no doubt that...
This man went out to deliberately cause serious injury to a fellow pro. I don't pay any attention to his opinion.
I think staring to replay games at this point would be dangerous. As we saw with the Eduardo suspension earlier this season it's so difficult to bring rules/pun...
I just can't see the game being replayed, unfortunately. The ref can't change his mind after play has restarted, let alone after the game has ended. FIFA will s...
FIFA didn't need this incident to look ridiculous! They are one of the most corrupt governing bodies in sport and have been for a very long time.
The same goes for commenting on user's walls. Please conduct yourself in a more mature manner or you'll be banned from the site.
I think u r my friend :) ?? hope villa win next match ....see u again okk nt forget :D
We've just moved into the house that we had built and it's got a few nice little touches. The anti-slam drawers and cupboards in the kitchen are awesome. I keep...
Big surprise. Barely even a slap on the wrist. At least we know that the suspended games will certainly be enforced because expecting him to keep his mouth shut...
Thank goodness for that. Let this be an end to the ridiculous notion once and for all. All this bleating about the Welsh clubs being involved in English footbal...
Yes Hendrix was a one of a kind person, his death is still very tragic today. His music is very dear and close to my heart, if you are interested there is this...
Hello again, Belal. Thanks for that, Mate. I'm sure we can all get along!! Newcastle are looking good for promotion this year, huh?
Ok u got that ,as u like ,thx for polite takiling with me , and i say ok as u support villa as i like this team ;) hope to see u again man...
FREE?! How on earth did you wrangle that?
Hey there salty, hope everything is still going ahead for the All Whites game. See you there
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