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Should I feel sorry for Suarez? Not ONE bit... Cannibalism is not allowed in the English league or any other league sorry!!
(Pukaki) What a TROLL ... He says his 26 yet acts like a child at best! Tough Luck United - We couldn't repeat 98-99 this year but hopefully next year. We got ...
Well done Milan and a well deserved result
Those two goal keepers couldn't keep Nani's goal out! Good to see him back and performing well... Hope he could keep his form like this and even better!
LOL.... Can't believe how many people are pissed at United BECAUSE of the referees incompetence. The linesmen messed up big time.... It wouldnt have been a pe...
6 years ago
Arsenal gets a late goal... NOT LUCKY AT ALL! But when Manchester United does the yapping about how lucky United doesn't stop! Good game Arsenal
Damm I miss those 15min daily motion highlights!!!
Do I need to mention every game that ended in 2-0 or the games that ended in 2-1 in that matter... We will never know how this game would have ended because the...
Where is my 20 minute daily motion highlights?
Awwww.... Man City fans got a voice now?! 60 Titles under our belt compared to your 13! Do us a favor and crawl back to your grave!
Please make your voices heard.... Am I the only person who gets NERVOUS when Evans is on the pitch?? Valencia right back... NOT CLICKING for me! I've said it ...
He was/still really good friends with Park and Evra when he was at United.... Most likely he knows but acts stupid! I'm glad United got rid of him!
That didnt work as I planned De Gea Rafael Smalling Vidic Evra (Defensive mid) Jones Nani Cleverly Young Rooney Welbeck/Chicharito
De Gea Smalling Vidic Rafael Rafael Jones Nani Cleverley Young ...
Looks like barcelona's icon.... How ironic
Tjadam14.... SILENCE!!! Don't dare mention Manchester United again.... 8-2 should I say more?
A SAD day for Arsenal fan's... Probably more sad days to come so brace yourselves! That's their number one team... Can they afford an injury?!
I can't get enough watching this game! Very entertaining!
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