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5 years ago
I hate Neuer, such a sore loser... like Man Utd
Cakir fcuked Madrid more than he did Utd
Dominating? What's your definition of domination? RM were very poor though
And Utd couldn't beat Madrid... what's your point?
Nani DID look, skip to 50 seconds.
It DOESN'T MATTER if it was unintentional. Nowhere in the rule book does it say ''intent''. Any dangerous play whether it was intentional or unintentional is pu...
I can't believe how biased Utd fans are being. The red card could go either way. Yet nothing is mentioned about Rafael's handball on the line that was a stonewa...
I also saw Messi screaming at Tello a number of teams because he opted to shoot instead of pass to him...
6 years ago
@Reventon.... Poor comparisons, Zidane and Ronaldo also dominated in Serie A and both won world cups for their national teams. Ronaldo was great with Madrid, Ba...
I'm sorry but although I agree Kaka, Benz and Di Maria didn't have the best of games, neither did Alonso, but Khedira was great! CRonaldo, Coentrao and Khedira ...
Gerrard? Seriously?
You mean like Arsenal fighting for the title? lol... it's only Man City and Man Utd. Lucky City were taken over otherwise it would just be Utd. Had Chelsea not ...
Pele and Maradona (and loads of others) are both cocky yet considered two of the greatest footballers in history. Your opinion is invalid. It's all about footba...
Ramos has bulked up so much now he wouldn't be a good RB. When he had to go RB a few weeks ago showed that. He'll stay as a CB now, Carvajal from the Castilla c...
Thanks for sharing
LMAO @ Messi = Football
How is the penalty deserved? It was ball to hand, also he was trying to pull his arm out of the way. If that was a penalty then when the ball his the Getafe pla...
It's unbelievable how much hate this guy gets for the littlest things, It's like he has to abide by the rules of some fans who are so petty! CRonaldo has celebr...
And if I didn't sleep with my bosses wife, I wouldn't have been sacked, what's your point?
Wow really? How many players don't celebrate a goal, tap in or not. No one! What an idiot!
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