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SadistWeah gave the Real Madrid v Barcelona video a rating of 5
1 year ago
Nice to see the table topping man ask for fairness despite the possibility of being usurped as a result heh. i kept wondering where did the pts of the CL final ...
2 years ago
SadistWeah gave the Manchester City v Arsenal video a rating of 5
3 years ago
SadistWeah thought the Manchester City v Arsenal match was awesome
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SadistWeah gave the PSG v Chelsea video a rating of 5
SadistWeah nominated J. Pastore (90') for Goal of the Week
SadistWeah thought the PSG v Chelsea match was average
SadistWeah gave the Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund video a rating of 3
Games like these make me question my faith in football. the way stoke plays simply disgust me. throughout the match they were looking to bully their opposition...
Time and time again, bendtner has rescued and won points for us in crucial matches like this since 2008. he really is a good boy and can be an important squad p...
SadistWeah nominated A. Hahn (24') for Goal of the Week
SadistWeah nominated Z. Ibrahimovic (36') for Goal of the Week
SadistWeah nominated J. Wilshere (18') for Goal of the Week
SadistWeah thought the Arsenal v Norwich City match was awesome
Really impressed by ramsey's performances in this season so far. hopefully he continues being so consistent. then 2013/14 season can be his redemption and break...
Well... this kind of evens out the 2011/12 champions league final penalty shootout defeat.
Well this was a disappointing and disturbing match to me. referee was terrible but there was no excuse for the way arsenal lost the game either. no complains ab...
Fantastic final! pity we cant have 2 winners as both dortmund and bayern munich are deserving champions league winners for this season in my opinion. thank goo...
Great stuff from bayern. 7-0 aggregate, the players and coaches must be in 7th heaven. oh and the people who said barca got raped and murdered by bayern, do u ...
Much as i admire sergio ramos' many abilities, strengths, determination and leadership, i cant help but dislike his character, lack of sportsmanship and dirty p...
Great game overall. full of end to end stuff with both clubs going at each other's throat right from the start. real madrid could only blame themselves in this ...
His performance this match does deserve some credit but not enough to applaud for much. much as he created some chances and defended quite well, he gave away po...
Oh sagna... so many times u have rescued us and put in outstanding performances over the years. but this season u have committed huge errors in vital matches. a...
Hmm have a few niggling qns at the back of my head as well. juz minor details regarding the match. anyone can answer them? why does diego lopez play with jerse...
5 years ago
Ok i feel the pain for spanish, barca, real madrid fans through these 2 1st leg ties. but u gotta admit that they were masterclass of performances by bayern and...
@Tdaouk gotta agree with u as well. was hoping for something like that too. but couldnt help liking the actual outcome either as the match was so exciting and ...
@manok mayb for u. but these kind of matches are never one-sided to me. only the scoreline made it look so. its these kind of matches that really show and conf...
Haha juz saw ur comments @KidultHood in the page for bayern against wolfsburg. boy did u own his arse off.
Haha fair enough. yup i accept ur apology. it did look a tad aggressive and violent haha. but if bartra had put those chances away, nobody knows what would have...
Lol chill dude. but barca's every single shot was a clear cut chance. especially for bartra who blasted the point blank shot out and his soft shot to neuer. bot...
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