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Let's play pique as a striker then lolzzzz at ltm logic....
1 week ago
Add 20 mill more and lets get Louis Suarez lolzzz
1 month ago
I hope spain loses cause i really want alexis to go far in this world cup........
As I said before he is not loyal to anyone he (for me) is a sell sword.....some people just defend him blindly....
People just hate us more then they love their mothers........spain was too casual simple as that.....
And I think he will play really good under maureen cause his time pass is amazing and with costa as a striker there will be goals.....
I never liked him nor I never thought of him as barca's future....I am glad he is gone but I feel for arsenal fans and one sits infront of me tears to his eyes....
I always thought of him as a sell sword type and I stand can he select chelsea i guess a money whore is always a money whore.....
U got your wish
2 months ago
I hope they score more, this is fun....
3 months ago
Congrats guys
If he is injured then sit the f**k him down, play alexis or somebody else who will actually make runs......I am sorry but he is providing nothing he is just sta...
Good game, but man di Maria was everywhere.
4 months ago
6 months ago
Helmets Are vital and in some sports you don't even feel safe wearing a helmet. I play polo and it's a contact sport on horse whose running @ 30/40 mph lol you ...
7 months ago
I am A big fan of Liverpool but their mid is so weak. Everytime I watch Them I get angry with no pressing no one twos.
9 months ago
Zizozil has special hate for barca. He brings the hate to next level. For the last 6 years u must be miserable since our dominance. Poor soul I feel for the peo...
What's wrong with messi. He seems a bit casual and his passing is off.
Double lol.
Busi was his usual self. Extra brilliant that is.
11 months ago
1 year ago
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