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Whatsapp group of footy tube members is an interesting concept.....we should have one too.....somebody make one :)
1 week ago
Does any one have Alberto Moreno in their DF team.....Asking cause he is not giving any points nor a team is shown against his name......
3 weeks ago
He is with pep now surely u knew this....from FCB to FCB
1 month ago
Let's play pique as a forward lolzzzzz I am still laughing from the earlier logic......
Brilliant squad u guys have.....without going too much in history this I think is your best squad....
People will hate with or without reason so I suppose no point in getting worried over this......
^ u do know that Messi was out for 2 months due to injury....
Fair enough (from serious to funny)
Come on give them a break they just won la decima.......As of now their club can offcially support sith lord and they will see nothing wrong in that....
Let's play pique as a striker then lolzzzz at ltm logic....
Add 20 mill more and lets get Louis Suarez lolzzz
2 months ago
I hope spain loses cause i really want alexis to go far in this world cup........
3 months ago
As I said before he is not loyal to anyone he (for me) is a sell sword.....some people just defend him blindly....
People just hate us more then they love their mothers........spain was too casual simple as that.....
And I think he will play really good under maureen cause his time pass is amazing and with costa as a striker there will be goals.....
I never liked him nor I never thought of him as barca's future....I am glad he is gone but I feel for arsenal fans and one sits infront of me tears to his eyes....
I always thought of him as a sell sword type and I stand can he select chelsea i guess a money whore is always a money whore.....
U got your wish
4 months ago
8 months ago
9 months ago
12 months ago
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