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If he is injured then sit the f**k him down, play alexis or somebody else who will actually make runs......I am sorry but he is providing nothing he is just sta...
4 days ago
Good game, but man di Maria was everywhere.
4 weeks ago
3 months ago
Helmets Are vital and in some sports you don't even feel safe wearing a helmet. I play polo and it's a contact sport on horse whose running @ 30/40 mph lol you ...
4 months ago
I am A big fan of Liverpool but their mid is so weak. Everytime I watch Them I get angry with no pressing no one twos.
5 months ago
Zizozil has special hate for barca. He brings the hate to next level. For the last 6 years u must be miserable since our dominance. Poor soul I feel for the peo...
What's wrong with messi. He seems a bit casual and his passing is off.
Double lol.
Busi was his usual self. Extra brilliant that is.
Lolzzzzz let the crying begin :)
I swear to god I am gona kill pique.
6 months ago
So u got points from s.sam J. Hmmmmm but I bought other players as well and they gave me points. Furthermore kiessling didn't give me points also and I had him ...
Is it just me or no one got points from bayer Leverkusen's and Roma's match.
Stupid points to drop really......And god i am pissed at montoya for the love of god, your parents, football even shoooooooottttttt the dam ball.......aghhhhhhh...
7 months ago
Is it just me or did anyone else got zero points from this weekend (talking about error in DF, no points update).....
8 months ago
It was done by Anna, girl with Down syndrome who designed the typeface used tonight on shirts are not official.....
U know i feel kinda sad for the fans who were making formations around thiago......
9 months ago
Apparently according to manu fans we are not a great club.....They suddenly feel for laliga......Its gona burn a bit but i think their team is quite average com...
10 months ago
Lol at high and mighty Manu fans.......Quite typical of you though thinking other clubs are not great and only MANCHESTER UNITED is a great club.....and before ...
Really i thought they had a place here since it has been picked up by some of my fellow barca fans.....
I wont like it one bit either....I hate transfer windows cause they are like a bad tv drama......
11 months ago
12 months ago
1 year ago
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