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How can a chelsea fan start saying stuff, when they arent doing that well and got out of the group stages! they cant really open their mouths, when half there t...
LOL your "fans" chucking objects at the real madrid players after they won their game. thats hypocritical to say as one your fans also throw objects a players, ...
Pukaki are you the director of man united?
Did you not read what I had just said on my previous comment, I know we lost but im just saying we did play the better football? its not so hard to understand.
Are you retarded?
Your spelling and use of punctuation is terrible, you need to improve in that area in order to become master of english lol
I will definately keep that in mind LOL
Obviously lol, im just stating that we did play well, whats wrong with that?
Lol you think they are going to start boasting?
Man united played the better football, I dont understand all the stupid comments on here, some people do not act wise at all, instead they got a brain of a 10 y...
You talk out of your ass?
LOL Spanish dominant field? you have only two players in your current midfield that are Spanish? i only rate cazorla and podolski at the minute!! your lucky the...
Just stick to playing fifa 13
I know where's the logic...beyond stupidity master boy!!
Messi second goal, was the best of the rest!!
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! now you f**k off !!
Messi says to Ronaldo: Anything you can do, I can do much better ;)
Hating on the fact that your team is not that good without him!!
Man united should be playing better then this... still early days!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
You are hot!! damnnnnnnn :)
6 years ago
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