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There are many ways to score a goal, and side footing the ball into the goal is one of them. What's wrong with that? You have ronaldo who loves shooting through...
3 days ago
Uhm, both teams play in the same pitch? What's the problem? The taller grass didn't seem to hinder Saul's lovely run and goal. If the grass is a hindrance to Ba...
It's always better to aim low because shooting hard always has a tendency to make the ball rise. AFAIK it's also easier for goalkeepers to save with their hands...
4 days ago
Of course Ronaldo was obviously not the best player in the world cup, but neither was Messi.
6 days ago
BBC - 0 trebles, MSN - 1 treble Yay MSN is much better than BBC. What now? :P
1 week ago
Actually I think that that is something not explicitly explained in the laws of the game, because CR was offside when the ball was played to Jese (he is nearer ...
Is this our first high scoring away win under Zidane? If it is, then it's a relief for me because it's basically just our away form that I'm scared of, excludin...
2 weeks ago
Yeah yeah, Real pays UEFA/is lucky to get weak opponents in the CL. Now what are you gonna do about it? lol :P
If casemiro can play well against the current best team in the world, then I don't know why we should even look to replace him, as he will only get better from ...
3 weeks ago
Who knows? MSN might decline next season and BBC get even stronger lol. Just let me be optimistic about my team :P
1 month ago
Yes MSN is better than BBC but good thing that football is a team game. I think Real Madrid can still probably beat Barcelona.
Wow, that's nice of him to do so if that's really true.
2 months ago
Chronologically, movies 1,2,3 are the prequel trilogy which came out the past decade. That's what Pejvl was referring to.
4 months ago
^That's the point :)
7 months ago
@Pejv I remember James' first goal for madrid was a simple tap-in from a deflection or something like that?
8 months ago
Well you can say that, but talk like "illara, arbeloa and coentrao are useless so they must be sold", "benzema is just an average striker, it's better if he lea...
@Tharius most RM fans are also fans of the galactico policy which treats players like commodities whose worth are based on their usefulness, so it shouldn't be ...
I think he thrives on being on the spotlight, just like beckham. Others won't be able to easily handle being on the spotlight all the time.
9 months ago
Yes, it's preparation for retirement from football. It's looking ahead for one's future.
What an awesome guy.
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