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I read somewhere that Frimpong gave Lucas the finger and Mireles sort of did a parody of that when Suarez scored on his support. Frimpong is a serious headcase....
6 years ago
Man football is becoming predictable and boring...
Na, Torres is valued high because of his footwork and instinct which Sturridge lags. He might not be having a spell at Chelsea, but Torres is a better player as...
If they had Alex, Kaka, Marcelo and Anderson were playing, they wouldn't have missed those penalties. Instead they used so no name losers that can't even hit it...
Lol... The idiot tried to kick the ball in after it was blocked.
Of the retired legends, I prefer Zinedine Zidane. Although they did play different positions, I like his style a little better than Ronaldo's power driven plays...
LOL why do they have Uchida for right back? Pathetic. Can't even hold his ground against Park's challenge.
7 years ago
Almunia's a good keeper. He makes a lot of mistakes, but his skills are unmistakenly top class.
U can't seriously be considering letting go of park, ferguson, extend his contract ya crackhead!
LOL Chelsea grasping for whatever they can and be like "we'll be better next season with sturridge" Trust. If Man U wins treble this season, you're all ferguson...
Ur both morons. Man U doesn't need more strikers; and so far, Sturridge had performed better in a much poorer club than the 50 million pound worth Torres.
Who's that lesbian playing with Barca?
They're missing their best socring forwards; I think it's understandable that they didn't perform quite as well as they normally do.
Yea, and then you'll see pigs flying in the background.
Somewhere on FootyTube
... Why's everyone so into this. At first, I thought it was real. Until I read the "April 1st" dealie.
Anyone else find that new Victoria Secret Pink ad extraordinarily distracting?
Rooney's worth every penny
There are rivalries in Premier League. You just don't see it, cause it's not so balantly obvious, and there's more than one.
The gunners out of FA/Carling and Champions League LOL ANOTHER YEAR BITES THE DUST WENGER. It's a signal for your retirement.
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