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I've played all over the place, RB, LB, CM, S, CD, my nickname was i was younger was Beckham :P
3 days ago
@Tanmay maybe i have my mornings until 3 (work) for the next 4-6 weeks i just moved from the west coast to the east coast so game times are a bit more reasonabl...
1 week ago
He'll get a 2 1/2 match ban....
*******BREAKING NEWS******** KING CRISTIANO RONALDO HAS TOURETTES! New evidence has been brought up showing that King Ronaldo has tourettes. We talked to his ...
What Messi was doing today:
Not good enough...
Nope never anything more interesting to talk about...
@Malik Probably by some cry baby Cristina fan girl....haha
The more surprising factor is that he actually scored it :O
@Malik i love it when you talk to me dirty ;)
Because its the social media and people on the social media are stupid...just go to youtube and you'll know what i mean scroll the the comments on any video.
Thank you they will protect me from AIDS :D
@Alfrodo nope i remember now it was Ben Dover :P
Give me your Gipsy tears RM fans :P
Or was it Jack MeHoff?....
@Jeron i believe his name was Mike Hunt :D
And he still scores after he botches the penalty :P
Wow Barcelona actually won a penalty :O
What ref bad?....never heard of such a thing :P
Suarez needs to stop faking....
10 months ago
1 year ago
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