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Yup, we're 7 balls deep into this one :P
6 days ago
I know...that's the expression I get when I walk into a room ;)
^this guy and his Netflix and chill... I did errands today...being an adult sucks ass. I did make it to the liquor store that's a plus :)
1 week ago
Did I mention how well my Ecuadorians are playing? Both E. Valencia and Caicedo on the score sheets for their respective clubs :)
2 weeks ago
What a poor game from Barca, Messi should have had a hatrick with his chances, defense was sloppy, mid was non existent until the second half. Thank god for tha...
Like SA said read Masche's post on Facebook, he never claimed to have knowingly cheated on his taxes.
What a game, got to see my Ecuadorian score, Messi was a part of all goals, damn Espanyol is a bunch of punk ass cry babies while literally kicking the s**t out...
1 month ago
Wow almost shat myself that game! Nice seeing Aguero back on the scoreboard#
Just sucks watching negative football, but I get it when your a dirty shitty ass team you're whole goal is to get a draw. :/
Barca loves hitting that wood work....
Espanyol playing like the final of the world cup against us again... #theyspreadtheirlegsandbendoverforrealmadrid
Missing Pedro & Sanchez right about now....
Maybe Munir or Sandro since they're failing to do anything up front, maybe defense is there calling?
@U10 Real and Atleti have yet to win so don't act like they'll automatically get 3 points, they both have tough teams they're up against. @Hikmat we just fell...
The ref can't see everything, honestly he's been one of the better refs we've had to deal with. Plus defense was already on holiday mode last 25 was ob...
They should have taken out Busquets, moved Masch to the mid and Mathieu as a cb....fml at least city pulled it off in the end...
Our fault, we aren't clinical enough and our f*****g defense keeps falling asleep the last 25 min of every game....
We're botching every chance we get...Hope to see destruction this 2nd half!
2 months ago
It was great seeing Suarez and Neymar doing everything they could to let Messi score. Awesome how they all work together and give turns to each other to score! ...
1 year ago
2 years ago
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