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As plenty of people have said the scoreline doesn't reflect how City performed. Some poor decisions on the back and failed to finish chances is what bit us in t...
Wasn't Barca's best game thankful Messi was on fire and City lacked finishing and some dumb mistakes on their side which gave Barca the game.
What a game the lads really stepped up second half. We need to stop making these dumb mistakes in the back because they've come back to haunt is in the back. Ni...
5 days ago
That's one way not to win a game...blah
6 days ago
@Bs88 they have something called "let me google that for you". It's a wonderful tool. :)
@Tomikato you are correct. I do not support two teams in the same league though :P I try to follow 1 team per league so that I watch more footy and enjoy differ...
1 week ago
They know the right people to blow ;)
@Lordjaggi you secretly a City fan? :P
2 weeks ago
You're back I see
Is it possible? All I'm hoping for us a damn draw at this point...
Yes it was individual errors but at the same time if Lucho would have started with a better lineup we may have been ahead and instead of chasing the game from t...
Barca giving this game away
And that f*****g happens....What the hell was that?...
They dragged him down it should have been a PK
PK and now just 1 more to draw it up thank god Neymar didn't f**k that one up.
Finally Pique let's do this! Let's come back!
Thank we should have f*****g started this game Rafina off Iniesta on and Turan up front.
I'm not saying Celta is playing bad in fact they're playing amazing but a huge part of Barca sucking is the lineup, it's like nobody knows where they should be ...
Can't blame you I'm pissed but imma keep watching
2 years ago
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