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@Malik...with those chances missed we deserved to lose.
1 week ago
With the way we played they deserved it...
And how to "stay onside 101"
Might as well throw in "Defending 101"...
How wasteful can we be? Honestly Barca needs to go back to the basics and take a course called "how to finish 101"...
GG...we can just go ahead and forget about this season....
My birth country of Ecuador just got hit by a 7.8 earthquake, keep Ecuador in your thoughts and prayers!
I speak English and Latin American Spanish :P close right?
Good game against Chelsea. Now to keep it up the rest of the season!
I won't until we open up a can of whoop ass on Madrid! I'm hoping for a City vs Atletico final!
Time to f**k Real Madrid up!
I hope it's real madrid, we give them hell!
2 weeks ago
I want this to happen, for City to kick their ass! Hoping for a City vs Atletico final!
With the way we've played after international break I hope we lose the rest of the season and don't win a single thing...
Let's hope so...these last few games have been disappointing
Well...let's pick it up this second creativity in the mid. Messi has to drop back to be the creative midfielder.
Turan picking up a pointless yellow be honest he hasn't impressed me this season.
It just sucks to lose to f*****g Real Madrid, but we played shitty and deserved the loss...
3 weeks ago
Alba was s**t all game he gave away both goals
Alba handing away goals left and right....
2 years ago
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3 years ago
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