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What a game! Team is so hungry after a draw or a loss! I love it!
19 hours ago
All hail Lord Douglas!
What a game! I hope KDB is well and it's only a small knock.
I'm sure we will see mainly B & C string players
5 days ago
It's like they're fighting for the award of worst ref...
@Vaaz I believe it's called the "Bringing sexy back"award
Yessir I'm #44 can't beat my team name though can you? ;)
Not saying the ref wasn't s**t either way @Pejvl but there was some really bs missed calls
6 days ago
Titscrazy4barca is the whatsapp group
I despise both teams but glad Juve lost...
Real getting away with murder...Real should be two men down by now..zzzzz
@SA I saw Bayern next to his name and the s**t some of them have spewed on FT about Pep....I didn't even read the second half of the paragraph haha
1 week ago
@Jerbear I see you are slowly converting into a city fan? :P
Smith should have received a card himself but what can you do..
This ref is Nolito a red and nothing to that piece of s**t Smith...
Yup they're going to be a force to reckon with in the upcoming years. They're kicking ass even without Aguero on the field.
And Sterling and Gundogan on the score sheet!
Boring? If you want boring go watch teams that park the bus...several of their goals have been off counter attacks.
What a goal by De Bruyne and what a team goal by City for Nacho's goal!
And remember this is what drugs do you you! The guys a nut case just ignore and report him :P
2 years ago
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4 years ago
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