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It was great seeing Suarez and Neymar doing everything they could to let Messi score. Awesome how they all work together and give turns to each other to score! ...
2 days ago
Happy/Sad last day one out of four teams I follow actually least it's the one i spend most my time supporting haha. Great to see Neymar & Suarez on the...
1 week ago
¡Ecuador Putos!
1 month ago
You're all invited to the Pants Off Dance Off!
2 months ago
Ahh so another pon site Aliko? :P
4 months ago
Jbear has turrets did everybody not know that?
Yup at your local futbol bar, illegally through your laptop/smartphone/computer, or through cable/satellite etc. :) hope this was helpful
@A201 I watch plenty (i was born and raised in Ecuador, watched Ecuador beat Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay live at el Estadio Atahualpa), the big ...
Well apparently playing dirty as f**k wins you the Copa...Shitty ass refs whole f*****g competition, dirty ass f*****g South American teams (several teams had s...
Is it sad that i automatically read that as a joke being a smart ass scarcastic ass hole myself :P haha
5 months ago
Too close for my liking...Argentina needs to be more clinical this would have never gone down to the PK's if Argentina would have finished their chances. Ya Col...
Ya but Argentina was piss poor in finishing, they can only blame themselves....blah
I hate pks with a passion...don't get why they don't have the 2 15 min halfs before pks....
Wow Colombia has been lucky as hell...
Ya its a filthy game, the ref let it get out of control now hes trying to gain control back but not doing a very good job at it...
And i like english muffins :)
Love how people don't realize Whatsapp isn't free, it's free for the first year then they charge you every year afterwards haha ;)
One thing i hate about Argentina is they get lazy and complacent after a few goals thinking they have it and give it away in the end...extremely irritating espe...
1 year ago
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