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2 words: Ray Hudson
1 day ago
Http:// Wops just re-read through what Zilch was bad thought he was asking about a nose pi...
Nope just looked at it again its black and blue!!! Gotta say @BFF those jerseys sure would have looked good during the 90's haha
@Danny don't ever us the word ya'll....haha I live in the south now and it's one of those words I cannot stand :P
I would like to be even more of a show off then Franky and state I was born in Guayaquil,Ecuador. I also follow SCP (Sporting Club Barcelona) they're my Ecuad...
Oh don't worry its quit easy all ya gotta do is follow the simple steps below. I know i was freaking out a bit the first time i got mine. As long as you follow ...
Its white and gold....
Yup both played great!
5 days ago
Https:// Here you go its bull s**t, he wasn't even close to biting Demechelis, this is a close up of it...the other ones are blurry as hel...
1 week ago
I like turtles....
@FTYF it's actually SNM ;) stands for Sadism 'N Masochism what they do to other teams ;)
@LGW you have him in the BPL his name is Mou....
Http:// This is what we ran into today
It's a great tactic for a team about to be relegated but any big team shouldn't be using it. Malaga came for the draw got lucky as hell that they where gifted a...
Now to calm down i'm going to play some OoT on my N64...
Would be nice to see RM face a parked bus every f*****g game and see how they f*****g do...
Parked bus + shitty lines ref = Loss Didn't help that Barca wasn't playing their best game either...
This side line ref is garbage...
You gotta talk to Matt (Or talk to one of the Moderators who can get you in touch with him)
2 weeks ago
11 months ago
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