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1 week ago
I may have pissed myself a little during Dicktator Messi's second goal... (mod please post so others can join in th...
2 weeks ago
@KL Here's your answer:
3 weeks ago
@St1or still a better love story than Twilight #DicktatorMessi
@Che na just a lil "blow" a few of the high ups make a good impression ya know help ease your way into the position ;)
Congrats!!! I'm sure my expertise suggestion earlier helped out a lot ;)
Damn...can't even see his nipple....
Good luck hope you get it mate :) you know you can suck a lil 8====D to get it ;)
Personally I love tattoos and want a sleeve or two. It's art and most people get tattoos to represent things in their life or things they love or like. When tat...
1 month ago
I'm sure that during practice they players try nutmegging each other for fun, now they figure why not against other teams? haha
2 months ago
This game is shaping up to possibly bite us in the ass if we don't start playing better.
? i like Coke haha
31 baby!!!!
@4 don't worry about it, Maxmaxima has taken too many balls to the face to think straight ;)
BBC????? British Broadcasting Corporation? Banana Biting Champ? Bitter Burnt Coffee? Buy Black Coal?
^Wait did i just say that? :/
Not the only thing i'm on top of ;)
Who the hell is this Pele guy you guys keep bringing up?
Didn't check to see what time the game would be at so i slept...and I still feel like i didn't get enough sleep.
Because he's never done it on a cold rainy night in Stoke...
1 year ago
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2 years ago
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