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Yup the Twilight Zone. . . .
1 week ago
Wait what? Madrid has a forum? Damn i always thought that was a comedy forum for everybody to come up with the most creative jokes, never thought it was actuall...
3 weeks ago
The fear that the world would end in Y2K.
@F4F i bought bought both Messi & Suarez + i bought Huntelaar which will get me goals until Suarez is ready :P haha
First off it is NOT called EPL...It is called BPL get it right or just call it PL for f**k sakes... Second who cares what league is better all leagues have goo...
1 month ago
@Aliko // @Malik yup called HOLYSHIT and it has no password. So feel free to join it :D
So let me guess your favorite #1 favorite player is Ronaldihno cuz of his dribbling right? :)
Nobody to blame but Argentina's attack...missed all its could have been completely different if the damn strikers could have been clinical...well...
2 months ago
That's what I've been saying!!! Not to take away from Germany but Brazil was just straight up s**t that game nothing more nothing less...The Brazilians didn't e...
Want to watch the match and chat at the same time?!?!?! You know can thanks to the technology of tinychat! see you there ;)
@Badge meh i wanted a South American final (Could you imagine the biggest football rivalry in the World...Brazil vs didn't happen but would have ...
Yup a bunch of European snobby bastards balling their eyes out...I love how cocky they are that Germany is going to win honestly, I've watched the German games ...
Yup that was after the Belgium game haha
Argentina came to play, even though they didn't score they had more chances then Netherlands and most the players played their heart out. This was Argentinas be...
En donde están esos pinche Europeos quien creían que eran dioses? Ahorita se están chupando la verga....Esos putos creían que los Holandeses iba a ganar a A...
@Badge I really don't care i wanted a South American final but to have revenge on de Douchlanders will be glorious :D Brazil was piss poor like everybody said, ...
I love this bull s**t about "Netherlands" has a better team...f**k off...Both teams are great neither has really shined very brightly, it all comes down to who ...
@Che I honestly don't see Germany beating Brazil even without Neymar and Silva. Plus Argenta should be able to shut up the Dutch send themm fighting with German...
Final for the World Cup 2014: Brazil vs. Argentina No questions asked...all the European teams have struggled against the South American teams don't see them ...
5 months ago
7 months ago
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