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Cisse will just kick him away with his physics-defying right foot lol
6 years ago
@felips get back under your log spurs boy its not united that are fighting newcastle for champions league spot is it now...
Cheers for being a decent fan mate not like most of these other neandathols, but lets be fair both teams played fairly poorly city probably a bit better. Then a...
I actually agree with you there i dont think they were cut out for europe either
Silenced, i dont think so temporaerily knocked in confidence yes but silenced no, arsenal have been silent for years and will continue to do so :)
Ye but where are you , 5th and your playin good atm , it comes to something when we can be so out of form and playing so badly and still win games, okay we dont...
Actually dre he isnt the only one most managers bitch about refs cos its their job tbh nd so what just because you came out on top means nothing ye you won your...
Im not equating those games im saying its the same a lack of form or a bad game is exactly that no matter what, nd did i say it never happened and ye it was a b...
No behave jones and stop bringin personel things into football, cos there just not relevant, at least we are a clean team, we dont dive, or play dirty (as in fo...
No how have we fallen your 5th were 2nd weird fall that pal were out of form temporarily due to midfield issues, just because you have van persie in mega-form d...
How is second in the BPL in the shitter
Why is everyone doggin us now as if were gonna get relagated or something, its called out of form and unlucky, fair enough Basel finished their chances, however...
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