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What a shot by Rosicky! Great finish.
But sometimes the refs don't see that defenders get the ball! I think the solution is retrospective punishment for dives, so player will either have to own up ...
Man City please win the tie in the Nou Camp so Robbie Savage will stop working! You will be doing the world a great service.
And they said Howard Webb is the best English ref!
Wonderful pass from Gerrad. If he can keep spreading balls in midfield like that in Brazil then England may be in luck!
Wonderful second goal from Chelsea
There were more crosses at Old Trafford than a graveyard for that match. Painful to watch!
He's their third choice and they still have Jovetic coming back from injury. That's some firepower they got!
Well played Wilshere. Created one, scored one. Now if he can do that for England at Brazil it'll be great!
If he's English then there will be a lot more hype and praise to be honest!
Pretty shocking decision as only City players were in Joe Hart's line of sight. Should have been a goal. Shame as it would have been a nice goal as well! Anyw...
I think the problem is that United play in a different style to many teams which meant that any manager who take the job will require some adjustment period or ...
Poor Stockdale, pulled off some good saves but it's like he has no defence in front of him
Thank you both teams for the much more entertaining "big match" of the week. Much better Christmas present than the one Arsneal and Chelsea served up!
That's some pretty shoddy defending from man utd well 3 points is 3 points. I'll takt it but the defence really needs some work as we can't rely on bad finishi...
Would have been interesting if Ireland's kick back to Tottenham goal actually went in!
Anything could happen with strong wind as we already seen this season :P P.S. won't be on it tho!
So "the Orchestra" won the music showdown against "Heavy Metal" then I guess!
Somewhere on FootyTube
By Platini's logic, we might as well expand teams in the World Cup finals 2050 to 196 and remove qualification so we can have World Cup matches throughout the y...
Torres this match: -Missed a sitter -Nearly scored a wonder -Got Chelsea three points with the winner
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