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Unless if we get mbappe in my opinion. He looks like a young Ronaldo. His style is so similar, the way he carries the ball is very similar to how Ronaldo does i...
5 hours ago
So allegedly Real Madrid are contemplating legal action for defamation against pique for once again running his mouth. This time he is insinuating that Real Mad...
Looks like Real and Isco are negotiating a new 6 year contract. I wonder if it will go through.
1 day ago
I don't think Real will let Kroos go that easily. If they want him they have to pay the big bucks for him. On another note, I would really like to see mbappe ...
4 days ago
With the type of schedule we have, any injuries would be devastating. At one point we are playing NINE (9) games in one month.
6 days ago
Does anybody else feel that Garcia from Atletico Bilbao is one of the dirtiest players around in La Liga? I don't know how he acts when he plays against others,...
1 week ago
Ok, I get it. I don't mean to be pessimistic and I hope you are right. I just feel the display was terrible. I was watching the game with my dad and he was firs...
As happy as I am about the Victory, I honestly don't know how we pulled 3 points out of that performance. We couldn't even pass the ball around. In my opinion t...
Lol I would say good luck but then I be lying (;
I think if we get passed Bayern we will win it again.
11 times Champions are bound to pick up a few haters i guess.
I think he is one of the greats but i dont like his style. He is very strict on the players from what ive seen of him. I prefer the Ancellotti style more.
Terrible...we are playing the toughest matches before and after both games against Bayer Munich. First Athletico madrid, then Barcelona.... wtf
Is Real's first game against Bayern at home or away , i cant tell from your comment. Edit: figured it out
Thats what i was thinking too. We definitely need to improve by April 12.
Is Daybala a striker or winger? And if striker, is he better or Hazard? Secondly, is hazard's playing style in sync with Madrid's? Edit: sorry, I totally forg...
2 weeks ago
That would be better left to someone with knowledge of refereeing. I dont claim to know anything about why this happens to us. Possibly the nature of our attack...
@Vaaz I dont disagree with you. I would really like it if we could attack through the middle as well. But also lets keep in mind that we are consistently hittin...
Well. If it doesn't worry you that we tied 3 - 3 in a match against Las Palmas where Morata scored 3 disallowed goals, 2 of which were clearly not offside, then...
Whats wrong with crossing? Its how we score. You could say barca only scores with passing to the wings. Is there anything wrong with it? No i dont think so. A...
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S2killinit is contemplating their status
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