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You started s***t when you started calling people names. How is it that every time you comment on our page it turns into pure garbage?? You troll harder than an...
1 week ago
Everyone take notice that Sanchez always starts sh*t. And then starts calling names. Very adult like, bravo. Ps: I call him "the lol guy"
Ive always believed the Flo Prez is an amazing asset for Real Madrid. Ive also believed that the notion that he is no good is something created by people who wa...
The difference being that measi and company were convicted in a court of law. If Ronalso is convicted, then there should be no excuses, but until then, its inno...
3 weeks ago
The sudden timing of all the legal issues is suspect to me.
1 month ago
I dont know if bale is leaving. He might just stick it out to replace Ronaldo when/if he gets older and no longer can play as many games.
Modric and Kroos are both amazing.
True. But I believe its easier to score goals when you are in barcelona than when you are in Manchester United and Sporting. Messi spent his whole career in bar...
2 months ago
Yes it will be difficult. We need to go in with focus. I was a bit worried today at times, but they pulled through. I can only ask that they go and try to win a...
Yeah i was suprised to hear that Ronaldo has scored more than anyone in history of Europe. I used to think Messi has the most.
I woudnt say "All" talent as he still connects well, but he destroys more opportunities than he should for a Real Madrid striker. Whats interesting is how the...
Somebody please give Benzema some work out. He runs like a fat teddy bear. And someone else sell Danillo
None? Really? Im pretty sure we were robbed of 2 goals in Las Palmas. They called all 3 of morata's goals offside, 2 of them werent even close to being offsides...
It was a stupid yellow. Im glad it got reversed, although this is a 1 game ban for a 5th booking so if Nacho gets carded against Celta, he will be banned agains...
I don't think they are the same type of player though. Ozil, if I'm not mistaken was a center playmaker whereas Asensio plays on the wings.
No i doubt it. I think James will be with us next season. If he goes, I'll miss him but it also opens up spots and funds for new players. Truth is, as good as...
YES! it had a crazy curve and it hit the very top corner.
Are you saying they should or that they already reversed it? I thought it was so harsh.
Modric turned the whole game around. I hope Nacho's yellow doesn't make us suffer against Celta Vigo. This one was supposed to the toughest game we had left. I ...
I believe Boteng from Bayern is one candidate.
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