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It’s time to let Bale, Isco, and Asensio go.
1 day ago
Really hope we can get rid of Bale. He is not invested in the team, or football it seems. His wages and existence in the position are preventing Real from signi...
3 days ago
Yup. PSG has come out since and stated that he will be playing at PSG next year. I also agree, he basically is saying pay me more so I stay.
What do you guys make of Mbappe’s comments?
4 days ago
Can’t say I’m very excited for this years CL final. Ajax would have been the more exciting match up I think.
2 weeks ago
Yeah I’ve seen his replays, really exciting. We need to bring ambition into the team again. That requires potential future greats, but because of how badly th...
@morninglight I’m in the same boat as you, don’t know about beek, as to Pogba, I think the only time he has impressed me was during the World Cup. 150 milli...
@MSN Not true at all. The page is dead because despite the effort of some of us who try to keep the conversation going, every once in a while we get people who...
Oh ok thank you. And I checked a few EPL teams and didn’t see it there, so I thought it was only here, then I saw it on barca’s page too. But, thanks for th...
2 months ago
Can someone explain why we are getting invited to reddit, and why only happening on the Real Madrid page (and Barca)? Is the website going down?
Well, ligaments are notoriously bad injuries. (They don’t heal like other body parts) He may never be the same.
Vinicius diagnosed with ruptured ligaments in his tibiofibular joint of his right leg." Thats the worst news of all. Shot down before he had a chance...
How do we report a comment?
Lol 😆 you made my day.
Haha, well, we have major problems this season. I hope they are fixable. But thanks for the words of consolation guys. I was really happy to see Vinicius play l...
Yup. I’m also really disappointed at Bale for his behavior. That sort of thing can tear the locker room apart, and it affects everyone else. Bale chooses to s...
Anytime I watched Juve I kept thinking he must be an amazing couch, but after seeing Juve play Atleti, I realized that his style may have significant flaws.
3 months ago
Athletico demolished Juve. I felt bad for Ronaldo. I think Juve simply doesnt understand how Athleti plays they were utterly surprised and their players didnt k...
Real Madrid is threatening to withdraw from ACB and Copa Del Rey in protest to a series of catastrophic referee decisions in the final of basketball copa del re...
I don’t know what it is that makes Real lose control of games at times. They are fine, they are fine, then boom. I don’t know what it is. Off topic: can a...
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