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I happy Bale showed up today. He was fit, and played well. The guy can score goals if he is given the chance. I actually feel that at times our players don't pa...
3 days ago
Before everyone gets carried away; if we beat Sociedad, we will be fine. Barcelona has been playing Bottom of the league games. Sure its not ideal, but we can g...
4 days ago
Its possible, but then again, our team doesn't need any one specific player to score goals. Every part of Real Madrid's squad is teeth. From defense, to offense...
2 weeks ago
Benzema really let us down today. That's all I'll say. I won't join the chorus of sell Benzema bandwagon. But he really should have scored at least one of our c...
3 weeks ago
Yep tough group. There are 3 good teams. Nothing is guaranteed.
Is Neymar suing Barca or something?
Perez, despite the s**t he gets from fans of other team, has been a phenomenal president for Madrid. So much so, that the criticism directed at him is specifica...
1 month ago
I don't think beating a team in one game is as telling as winning the League and especially winning the Champion's League. Otherwise, Deportivo also beat Real l...
I think its wise of Real Madrid to turn him down. Now lets see what PSG can do with all that spending. although where is the Fifa Fair Play governing body on...
As a Real fan I can't say that I'm happy for what happened with Barcelona and Neymar. I can't believe they couldn't keep their player. And I can't help but feel...
You started s***t when you started calling people names. How is it that every time you comment on our page it turns into pure garbage?? You troll harder than an...
2 months ago
Everyone take notice that Sanchez always starts sh*t. And then starts calling names. Very adult like, bravo. Ps: I call him "the lol guy"
Ive always believed the Flo Prez is an amazing asset for Real Madrid. Ive also believed that the notion that he is no good is something created by people who wa...
The difference being that measi and company were convicted in a court of law. If Ronalso is convicted, then there should be no excuses, but until then, its inno...
The sudden timing of all the legal issues is suspect to me.
I dont know if bale is leaving. He might just stick it out to replace Ronaldo when/if he gets older and no longer can play as many games.
3 months ago
Modric and Kroos are both amazing.
True. But I believe its easier to score goals when you are in barcelona than when you are in Manchester United and Sporting. Messi spent his whole career in bar...
4 months ago
Yes it will be difficult. We need to go in with focus. I was a bit worried today at times, but they pulled through. I can only ask that they go and try to win a...
Yeah i was suprised to hear that Ronaldo has scored more than anyone in history of Europe. I used to think Messi has the most.
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