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Isnt he super old? Why would real want him?
1 week ago
Isco is great at keeping possession for us but i think he also slows down the pace too much. He is just not fast enough.
I'm not sure what is wrong with the team, but something is terribly wrong. No teeth, and no defense either. They seem...tired? but that's not it. Its something ...
2 weeks ago
I feel bad for people of Spain. To see their capital team lose in such a way to a team from the region that is calling for sessecion from their country. It adds...
Unbelievable loss for Athletico Bilbao. That guy William should be benched immediately. He always ruins Bilbao's chances everytime I watch them play Barcelona.
VErane and “calm”, i have to see it to believe it.
3 weeks ago
Barca goal against Malaga today... hahaha 🙈
For cracking under the pressure everytime. How many times does he have to score on his own goal or clear balls right into other team’s offense, or simply fail...
1 month ago
Deserved to finish it off. But we live to fight another day. I cant stress how much i dont trust Verane.
AHAHAHA I didn't know Tottenham has comedians. (; I kid. I've never seen the guy play. I hope he brings the wrong boots to Bernabeu.
Good week. We are closing the gap. Now only sitting 5 points behind Barcelona fc. The game against Tottenham is important. If we can get all 3 points here, it...
Haha I like how all the Barcelona fans came to the site to up vote his comment, then he admits that he is just being silly. I wonder how the Barca fans felt.
Yea. It was superb. Can we say Bale is back? He didn't just score a marvel, he also makes crucial crosses for Ronaldo as well.
Everytime you open your mouth its a bunch of nonsense. So if Ramos has had a lot of red cards that proves that this red card is a correct call? Are you retarded...
Hey hey hey Sanchez and Frankey I know you two are always ready to get the Barcelona pitchforks out all the while looking for excuses to stealth troll the Madri...
There is no conspiracy. BUT lets just state some ominous facts too. In the first 3 games of this season, Real has suffered 3 red cards 2 of which were blatantly...
Surprised no one mentioned the role of the refs in yesterday's game. That particular ref always makes us drop points because he refuses to call fouls. So the ot...
I happy Bale showed up today. He was fit, and played well. The guy can score goals if he is given the chance. I actually feel that at times our players don't pa...
2 months ago
Before everyone gets carried away; if we beat Sociedad, we will be fine. Barcelona has been playing Bottom of the league games. Sure its not ideal, but we can g...
Its possible, but then again, our team doesn't need any one specific player to score goals. Every part of Real Madrid's squad is teeth. From defense, to offense...
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