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RyanDickinson wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
You saw it in his eyes when Chelsea drew level. "Ah s**t...I've gotta win United this game now huh..."
What a disgraceful game. United build lead, lose it and turn to their refs. 1st) Klattenberg straight red for Ivanovic despite Luiz running directly in...
Typical German reaction. Much like Hitler at the fall of Berlin- instead of stiffening up and fighting against their oncoming opponents they shoot themselves in...
@Coone You're seriously comparing a WC-qualifying comeback to a comeback in literally the biggest club game of the year? Incomparable.
@ Poopadoop I can't tell what is more stupid your comment or the fact that someone liked it
Please, if you really loved the game you would call it by it's rightful name-football- not the bastardized name countries who don't know how to play it call it....
I've got one for you- Messi leaving Barca for big money and wearing the price tag as well as Ronaldo has done with his move from United to Real. The one thing R...
Why would ibra try a shot like that in a 0-0 Champions League game
Said the pot smoking communist!
Its just El Clasico, not THE El Clasico. Not to be a grammar nazi, but saying Barca needs to be extremely careful in the The Classic is where i draw the line
I think Joe Hart is in line to become the next World's Greatest but he may have to wait until Casillas hangs up his gloves the Spaniard has simply been consiste...
No I think it was when we lost Babel he was really good at cheering on the starting XI
Dear Sore Loser, Anyone who says they wouldn't have done the exact same thing as Suarez in the WC to have their team progress is either lying, supporting Ghana,...
You can't support Arsenal if you're a "soccer" faithful...I heard the san jose earthquakes were looking for poser fans though
I don't think any EPL team knows how to play soccer
Somewhere on FootyTube
What a dive from Valencia
Dembele > Modric
In Catalonia they pronounce "z" sound with "th" sounds**
Arteta isn't a natural holding mid and cazorla is nowhere near being one. With a pretty tenuous back line you would leave them with no cover in front of them?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Why is it that in virtually every other career on the planet it is encouraged and even expected of one to progress and move on from a company whose ambitions do...
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