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Worth 25!!!!!
5 years ago
English soccer Rules!!!!! lol lol this is amazing! Epic Stuff HERE!
You might hate him if you're a Liverpool fan or even just not a United fan, but you guys can't say he's overrated. He's has been one of the most consisten...
Nice lol. tell em lol
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Nani is a cry baby!!!!!!
@Cali86, Manchester United football club is a phoenix that has always shown up when the world called them down. Rising from the ashes time and again, there is s...
Give all your thanks and honors to King Kenny lol lol lol. And please!!!! For your own sake: Stop thinking about qualifying for the next champions league and fo...
Don't even try to get any funny ideas!!!!
Neymar's at the end is the best!!!
6 years ago
I wouldn't judge Carrol giving in account what team he came from. In fact if he goes back to Newcastle, am sure he'll go back to his scoring form. Damn can you...
Poor Kenny.....He came to save Liverpool but instead Liverpool has gotten worst. Unfortunately, he is a bit racist to Black players; I mean......not even one on...
Ok.....ok.....ok!!!! LOOk!!! Suarez is a terrible diver and a pain!! Yes everyone knows THAT! but he is a striker!!! A strikers job is to dive at the slightest ...
@ Amusedkid!!!! The Gesture is enough for a red card!!! If Referees were to allow such gestures or slight head butt touches to go unpunished, than futbol would ...
No offense......@ Amusedkid!!! It's F*****g simple!!! play the ball game right and fair!!! if you play futbol you obviously should know that defense is involved...
LoL nice one! LOL
Well said. I am a man utd fan but I must really have a fair point in the whole chaotic mess.
YES!!!!! Finally Someone Understands Why I Hate Liverpool!!!! why? why? why? why? They only play good against US!!!!! WHY??????????????????
Fergie??????!!!! What are you waiting for????? Cleaverly is injured!!! Scholes is retiring!!! Ponkga is too young and inexperienced!!!!
The Arabic commentators should be the default choice of every football broadcast in the world. even if you don't understand them, they are absolutely epic. This...
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