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Milner was good
3 days ago
Dzeko... really needs to be a bit more alive....
I think they played whole time in their box defending then relied on counter attack, well we are the champions we should be able to overcome situations like tha...
2 weeks ago
Also Fernando makes a difference...
Whats wrong with Footy... posting are really getting bungled up
Hart ...... not good goal keeping
Mancini did his job he came to do brilliantly and brought pride to Citizen and trophy in 44 years. He is written in the history...of the Club.! still make me choke with emotions! just awesome..!
Slagging!! I have noticed New fans are more tolerant towards United, but old fans can never forgive or forget, the way they were treated all those ...
Me too. I don't think it matters anymore, first two seasons we were in group of death, last season we were in an easy group, but our defense was falling apart,...
Balotelli is in Ethihad stadium as a visitor, they just showed him walking into the dressing room with Liverpool team.. ha! So is Lampard I presume in ethihad ...
3 weeks ago
If he take his profession seriously, its a steal. I must say english media is saved...!
Well said...! If this happens, don't know whether to congratulate them or sympathize with!!
The last game against Newcastle, he was brilliant. Now he signed the contract, and If he still makes effort and play like that, he will be great..! Hate to se...
After giving chances after chances to MD last season, he improved and was selected for World cup also, That just proves, playing time matters most. So if MP was...
It can be that, at times it was difficult to know whether it was fernando, Kompany or Fernandinho.. all got same shiny!!! Yes it was so good to see F...
4 weeks ago
I think Clichy put in an outstanding performance especially as he was playing out of his regular position and Dzeko too. Hope Dzeko will continue to do this. E...
I think Clichy put in an outstanding performance especially as he was playing out of his regular position.
Dzeko is playing very well indeed today...!
1 month ago
Rustic just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
5 months ago
Rustic just Watched
9 months ago
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