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Last 4 years we have been in CL, We don't have a good Manager or Management, if we use that as an excuse to throw FA and PL games.
3 days ago
Don't be so hard on Yaya... man! he did his best for us all these years, god knows what battle he is having in his head!!
He is only thinking of CL games, for his own credits. Are we going to beat RM? I hope so...
Indeed sweet! it took a year long warm up though....!
2 weeks ago
Awesome Win! after a long time this season, feels good!!
3 weeks ago
You are So right! Last I heard Sterling has a muscle injury and will be out for four or five weeks
Jeez| what a relief? was seriously worried about the CL place
1 month ago
Are we going to win today, its becoming a puzzle every time we start a game..! today Bournemouth, jeez they are a team of hardworking players and manager, who g...
Cannot wait for this season to get over. Seriously, Have we improved under Pellegrini, we did buy few big names and played on with the old spine which is tired...
There were speculations and rumours that eventually Pep will land in City, but an announcement makes it sure. I have read Zaba interview where he is saying now ...
Why did Pellegrini chose Bonny over Iheanacho, How stupid can he be, they should let him leave, without doing more damage....
What to do!! how long we have to suffer like this. I think they should just let pellegrini leave... totally not doing anything for the team now.. what a mess....
Yea you are right! what to do still we hope..! When you see Leicester, Bournemouth, Watford players playing with such passion and joy, you wonder too much money...
I dread the thought of watching remaining games.. esp the one with united. Relegation teams are now dreaming of their matches with city..! Ever since MP annou...
That's always the case Moe.. everytime we get a chance to take advantage.. we screw it up... but after the take over, I don't think we were ever this poor. Pel...
2 months ago
Seriously I am worried tooo!!
Please these are just media having a go at him at every chance.. if you see the video up, the unseen dressing room one -
Congrats to all! I was worried when i saw caballero starting after the FA, but thank God he came out a winner..! Pellegrini said in his interview he kept his w...
When you say we are not same level, then we should try to win the trophy where we are level at... right? So at the moment Pellegrini is trying for CL trophy wit...
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