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Everton is fighting for the 4th place, so they will make it very difficult.
3 hours ago
Tony Pulis.... why oh why..!!
4 hours ago
They hardly made any attempt, Mou's plan was not to let ATM score, so they defended the whole time.
@Blueheart lately we are playing a bit haphazard way, yesterday for 20 minutes they showed promise of getting better, but still went back. I think fans are conf...
First 20 mins they played with some enthu, then not. after Augero gone hardly bothered. We have been winning only with teams who plays not so aggressive. WBA u...
More than twice passed to the other side, and gave ball away, but blocked a sure goal from WBA. but the expectation of him is not that.
Whats happening to Kompany..
1 day ago
Instead of passing to Dzeko, someone should try to score.
Why why..hate to see this
That goal gave them some confidence, and City hopefully will handle it..
What was plan for that free kick??
Oh so Silva was injured? i thought Pellegrini gave him a day off since we are playing a team at the bottom...!!
What you all think its going to be today... ? who can predict the correct score...? I think City must be one team no one can win any bets on, so unpredictable....
Its Fergie's fault for hiring him in the first place. Poor fellow was sitting pretty in Everton for 11 years.. lol!!
The whole season Skertel's been mauling players down and not a single red card he was given. The blatant handball he did with us was also overlooked.
2 days ago
Yes .. it was a welcome change
5 days ago
Disappointed! But the problem is we are expecting Mancini's results from Pellegrini's team...
6 days ago
Imagine playing like this with crystal palace at their home... joke!
Man... why the hell MP didn't play Silva when Yaya is injured... He is seriously clueless..
No one watching? its terrible..
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PSG Vs. Chelsea
2 weeks ago
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