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I don't think any one can cure Balo but himself. he is talented, but sadly totally wasting it away, it was in media, Arsene met his manager during world cup and...
12 hours ago
Eid Mubarak to all !
Nastasic started against Real Madrid..and was so promising, few injuries and less play time, and we are getting rid of the young player but keeping older player...
3 days ago
Managers usually stick with the players they feel confident/comfortable with, if you remember mistakes after mistakes MP still played Demi, with all the playing...
If i ever come across him... i should punch him on the face for putting us through all this.... lol! This is indeed a great news.... with all the teams buildi...
1 week ago
So terrible to hear about another Malaysian Airlines disaster, out of the 9 brits two were Newcastle fans going to to see their game in NZ. One student of Lee...
I would also hate to see him leave, but if he doesn't know yet he can never be what he is at City, anywhere else, then whats the point. City fans adore him, and...
2 weeks ago
Agree with Goater saying there is life after Yaya... if anyone wants to lea...
The improvement in Demichelis is due to regular playing time last season, so if he is kept as a backup, i don't think he will be good..
Saw the video the boys are back for training, and Negredo is very much here, also saw Scott Sinclair ? was he on loan?...i thought he was sold. Read Barry was ...
I was wondering about that before reading this, scary combo, why!
1 month ago
Negredo leaving? didn't hear this anywhere, very sad. Augero was sad for WC, I don't think he will go anywhere, but us left with Dzeko is painful. I will have t...
Lol! well i don't blame you for selling him off... waiting for him to score is testing patience...!
Dzeko scored...!
Is he better than hart? if not we should go for Mexico's GK, is it outstanding...!
Mexican GK is so incredible..!
I think he will stay in Liverpool this season
Jeez! I understand the feeling, i felt bad when dejong left, then Tevez, even Mancini..for me he is the man, who brought a PL title after so many miserable year...
Watching Sturridge score against Peru, I remember Mancini's words, "City should never have let Daniel Sturridge go, no doubt that composure will arrive with exp...
Really Moe!.. i am happy to hear that, always felt bad to see Barry go..
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Rustic just Watched
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