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HOw?? did u really ask that. chealsea had 3 chances in both legs barca had atleast 30!!! we were just unlucky on our finishing especially messi!!!!!!!!
6 years ago
Well said a team cannot be the kings forever, 4 years is enough now he need to work on our depth, defense, and mostly finishing our fu@@@ng chances.
Barca deserved to go to the finals...
I blame messi for the whole game. Every one did great both legs but messi, first he gave away the first goal in the 1st leg and now he couldnt score a penalty a...
Wtf thats a bitch move by a captain.
Good job chelsea but i think u guys got a little lucky, if u guys didnt have cech u guys would not win. Barca came out offensive while chelsea was defensive and...
Copa Del Rey
Hi there! Let me start by saying that I seriously doubt I ever thought you were trying to compare both players. All I did do was correct the figures you presen...
Dude my stats were correct, go to epn soccernet and go to messi's page and ull see I wasnt trying to compare ronaldo and messi just trying to show both og their...
Messi 48 games 47 goals and 16 assists for argentina and barca in all competition this season. And there is still lots of games left to get 60 goals. Ronaldo 4...
I hate Rossel he is the problem that guardiola's contract is a problem. Like in 2011 rossel and guardiola had an argument andif guardiola doesnt sign for us ro...
God haters gonna hate. it was a goal because one of athletico players should go up to the ball and wait there until the ref tells them to move away, then the ki...
We need two players one cb and one lb or rb.
The 2nd goal offsides maybe?? and the red card was really harsh, it really didnt change the direction of the ball. who gets the help from refs again??
Refs screw us up this year badly!! Really getting annoying, guys we still have 16 games we can win all of them and beat madrid once in camp nou and take the la ...
THANK YOU i think u r the smartest madrid fan
One goal given to osasuna and one goal taken away from barca, to all madrid fans who say refs are for barca not at all mate.
Ohh so AVB made the same mistake as mancini as taking everton soft, he even said he wouldn't.
A f***ng troll shut up if u guys win the la liga its not because u beat barca it because we were poor away, idiot
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