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23 hours ago
Seeing Gerrard cry made me shed a few tears.
4 days ago
@Colinmc, lol, it's either or, it can't be both.
May someone explain to me why Premier League and Championship matches start at 7 min after?
6 days ago
Rubin just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
Rubin just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
2 weeks ago
Rubin nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
"toilet bowl" lol
What a beauty! The fact that it was scored by a defender makes it even more fabulous.
Rubin nominated L. Cana (5') for Goal of the Week
Hi, I have a question. When is Ramsey returning from injury?
2 months ago
Pershendetje :)
6 months ago
Another fellow Albanian, hello. Would write it in our language but don't know if you understand it :P
We conceded the penalty because of Pereira. The third goal was scored from a counter on Pereira's side. Pereira is our poorest link.
I hope he plays for Albania, but I wouldn't mind if he picked Belgium. It's his choice.
We should have started with Nagatamo-Wallace, instead of Pereira-Nagatomo.
Roma is too good for us. :(
Liverpool won. I really am Liverpool's good luck charm.
Don't worry, I'll be watching the game. I'm Liverpool's good luck charm. :P
I would love it when Martins scored for Inter, because he would celebrate with some crazy flips.
You shouldn't expect Liverpool to win the title this season. If Liverpool finish in the top 4 this season, then it would be realistic to expect them to win the ...
Araz took way too long to guess Ashley Cole. I guessed him the second after Matt gave the last clue.
I think his sacking has a lot more to do with what happened at the end of his last game than with Sunderland's performances.
I have never supported Mazzarri before he came to Inter, because I'm not a fan of his formation, but one thumbs-up for your cynical comment Gayland. I'd give yo...
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