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This looks like a fun prediction game. Here are my predictions: Newcastle v Liverpool: Away Win Arsenal v Burnley: Home Win Chelsea v QPR: Home Win Not Hi...
Roberto Martinez.
1 day ago
You don't have to worry, because you're not gonna win df anyway.
3 days ago
The third and most important transfer window opens in about two weeks. If you make some good changes during that transfer window, you can do it.
4 days ago
In these past two months I have not watched many games, but I have watched enough Premier League football to make some predictions. Top Four 1. Chelsea M...
The 2013-14 Dreamfooty season was a huge learning curve for me, especially with Jeroen's tips. I do not remember what exact place I finished in, but I'm pretty ...
Hello footytubers! The 2013-14 football season ended five months ago. In July we all witnessed Germany win the World Cup. (I predicted Germany to win it and ...
I think it's because he received a yellow first, and then 2nd yellow/red card. Straight red would be just -4 pts. I don't know, I might be wrong.
What are appearance points? He got points for playing part of the game.
Zilch, except that football isn't war, it's entertainment. Defensive football is not entertaining.
6 days ago
What happens when a player is shown a red card? Jedvaj received a red card yesterday. He got -4 points for the red card and he got plus points for playing part ...
Nice! All that matters is the long run though. What makes or breaks your DF season is how you do the next transfer windows. People typically tend to slack off l...
1 week ago
I'm tied on points with Franboy. I can't believe this. The year that I joined footytube, Franboy won DF. I'm proud of myself. :)
It's Rodgers who got this team into the Champions League. We know what he's capable of doing. Give the man more time to get our attack going again.
I disagree with you guys. Mignolet is a world class keeper. Rodgers is an attack minded coach, so Liverpool always leaves a lot of space in the back. The proble...
Apparently Belgians are rude, but also very clever, pretty cool despite that result, sometimes silly but funny as well. At least, if I trust my trait wheel. An...
3 weeks ago
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