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4 years ago
If we only could trade Torres with Rooney... Why bringing in Torres, why. That's just saying you're happy with a draw.
Eden Hazard, who else to give the assists :)
Hmm, maybe I'm a bit nostalgic, but I agree if you say we need a better defense. I really hate players like Pepe in defense. We need solid players like Vincent ...
Put Iker C. in the goal and it would be 4-1...
Who the f²ck puts Hazard (in topform) on the bench?! It's about time Benítez leaves...
5 years ago
Torres Torres Torres, how many chances do you need...
And we already miss Hazard...
I'm getting ahead of stuff but wouldn't it be great if Raul would be the new coach in the near future? I'm just not feeling the magic anymore with the real madr...
I hope you are joking. If not go to your mommy
@Trololol, I hope you're joking when you say that Casillas is overated. That or you just don't know what you're talking about.
Good match of Ukraine and Sweden, only Ukraine was more efficient
Why doesn't Arshavin play like this at Arsenal?! Anyway man of the match: Arshavin!
Ronaldo failed...
6 years ago
+ I heard Higuain is not so sure if he should stay next year at real...if we can believe the newspapers. It would be a pitty cuz I see a Raul in him...
I had the same tought when Higuain scored, instead of going to H. he just took the ball out the net and went to the middle again. With this attitude you'll neve...
I hate those selfish players of today. You saw Robinho? Instead of going to Ibrahimovic who gave him the assist he doesn't even look at him. He rathter celebrat...
Did anyone noticed the poor defending @ second goal? Is it just me, but it looked like Atalanta Bergamo couldn't care less...
Walcott, Arshavin..., they all perform below there standards.
And why don't use Kaka, beats me. At least they had a man who could keep the ball. Now it was like 30-70. Mou should know by now that it just not a good id to l...
I don't know why Pepe is still playing at madrid. It's always the same sh*t. He's a discrase to football and a discrase to real madrid. Not to mention that the ...
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