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4 years ago
Stupid footy tube!! I just traded out a bunch of players and the dang thing didnt save!
What.. in the lead!.. Gruff is gutted.. It's all Bale and Mata eh! Bale is on fire at the moment :) r
5 years ago
HEy Stew.. bet you can't catch me :)...Gruff:) OTTERS RULE~!!!
Hey Rhys, who did you pick up? I bought Mata! cost me 19.5 mil. Hopefully it pays off. I also got adebayor, who plays for hotspurs now, and....I cant remember w...
Stew.. transfer window coming up next week.. pretty tight at the top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhys! My team is so bad! when does the transfer window open up again?
Hi Rhys!!! I'm doing well with my footy team!! I tried to find you on facebook, have you deleted yourself?
6 years ago
Stew.. so you obviously know the window is now open. All looks pretty tight between you, gruff and Michael..and me and Owen for that matter...and when are you n...
OW'S .I FIND THAT WE ARE TOTALLY LEVEL.. roll on transfer window. what's your e-mail address now?? I'm done with Facebook but want to keep in touch Rh :)
Ooo.. Samurai are climbing quickly... wwwahaaaahahahah !
Stew..would Redsfan like to join the official Amherst league:).. he/she would be pretty close to the top ( OWen and Tish).. more the merrier :) Rh hey ManU Man ...
Michael.. you're heading in the right direction on the league.. up to 4th in th overall standings ( behind Owen, Leticia and Gruff) out of 13 players.. keep it ...
Michael.. hope you're missing the storm!.. it's heading right at us ( I know!!) Owen got off to a great start in the league.. you might want to invite him into ...
Jingo.. great to see you's this morning.. hope you enjoyed the ABC :) the way to see everybody on the same league is to go to Community / Leaderboards / Dreamf...
Hey did you know you can look at your friends line up this year? Just click and a friends name then the dreamfooty tab
150 pints???.. you've spent far too much time in pubs recently obviously :)r
Shouldn't last very long. Lahm has gotten like 150 pints for me already!
197th in the world, man..Gruff says cool!
It's all Owen's fault...
Stew.. you're miles ahead now.. but watch Rhea's on your tail :)r
7 years ago
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