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Mhkhitryan. Big fan. But my German friend told me that he treats Tuchel as a mentor and is pretty close to him. Not sure if he'd like to play for Mourinho.
1 week ago
This is the worst freakin opening ceremony ever.
2 weeks ago
Imagine he goes to Leicester
I myself pretty critical of LVG, but him leaving like this is not fair at all. It actually sucks. The one positive thing about it is that he's leaving on a high...
1 month ago
Full recording of Man Utd Player Awards 2016:
I don't know about you guys, but I think Barkley would be a great buy.
2 months ago
Michael Oliver the f***
3 months ago
If it comes to us seriously considering Mourinho, I'd rather go with Giggs to be honest. I know he hasn't managed a club yet, but the sooner he gets on with it ...
6 months ago
Agreed. Disgrace
Am i watching Manchester Unites play? We are so poor. Jesus. When is this philosophy going to drive good football?
^^Lol. Yeah thats not happening.
7 months ago
Read and laugh!
Muller. 100%
We have a run against mid table teams the next few games. Should take the opportunity and keep it going.
@Shiwa: Creating more chances increases your probability of scoring. Simple math. I dont understand how you can not accept that. And for the sake of your log...
I'm sorry. There is nothing wrong in voicing concern. We do not look like Manchester United on the pitch. We are creating jack all and some of the times when we...
Whatever the stats are, we had a tough time putting one through his goal last time around. We NEED to CREATE chances and FINISH them. Lets hope we are good atta...
We shouldn't be laughing man. We've haven't been all that good either. I know we're only 2 points off the top. But we've been frustrating. Really frustrating. I...
Take Rooney the f**k out. Jesus Christ how long do we have to bare with these shite performances from him? This is getting ridiculous. Show some balls and commo...
8 months ago
Crystal Palace has already played against Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Tottenham and conceded only 10 goals. Compare that to Chelsea's 17. Damn.
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1 year ago
2 years ago
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