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Voronin is s**t but anyways if konoplyanka, yarmalenko, garmash and ratysky were playing we would of won no problem. I just don't like voronin i think he's rubb...
7 years ago
I thought it was an extremely ugly game alot of diving the ref gave stupid calls. but it happens i think dynamo were better but s**t happens hope Ajax do well
Man city will win the English league this year!!!!!!!!
The messiah is right here :P i had to i saw ur name and remember I'm good luck ;)
Firstly Ukraine dominated the game and Ukraine did not even use their usual line up like voronin he is so s**t he just quit the team with the last coach and the...
Hey , im greece i like to play with 7 defenders and hope that i will win the game!! WTF what a boring team to watch glad they are out!!! Messi is so unlucky 2 g...
Talk about bad goal keeping this year!!!!!!
This game enrages me how can Ukraine get eliminated by such a piece of SH%@T Team.
Ukraine didn't even bring their starting strikers, no sheva or milevskiy so it was a good result!! three in a row :) SLAVA UKRAINA!!!
I always liked aliev. He has strong freekicks and is a great player. I dont know y Dynamo got rid of him they could of used him more ans Sheva is just always pu...
Id rather have bojan
8 years ago
Awesome user name.
They should play tymoshuck more. he controls the mid made great passes and tackles and set up robben's goal. Like every ball is always played through him.
It's not that bad, Barca had 71%possession in the san siro that's saying something. They have an away goal. They are playing at the camp nou with 98 000 barca ...
BACK IN FIRST!!! Briliant goal buy vukojevic!!!Glad to see upl games beign posted on footytube.
Barca-munich final
I'm pretty sure the whole vid is spoken in polish although it's a Russian site. Weird!!
Arsenal-1 goal Barcelona-0 goals Messi-4 goals That's about it. The chip was the nicest goal to me.
Probably the best tribute video I have seen Yet!!! Nice Work!!!
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