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It's funny, I actually think he's playing really well!
1 week ago
Personally I don't think it was a penalty, but one time out of two this is going to be called so that's why I believe we were unlucky.
If you're gonna troll, try to be funny at least lol
4 weeks ago
What kind of fan wishes for our own players to get injured!?
3 months ago
@Spigy I agree that seeing it this way, it might be obvious. But I see it as part of a ''winning at all cost'' mentality, and that's why I think there isn't m...
There were talks about Diego Costa diving this weekend and this made me think of something ; what is the difference between a ''professional foul'' (lets say gr...
Pogba > Messi
Yes it's true, now that it's been reported by the BBC I do agree that it looks more suspicious... And like Nautilus said, there has been a lot of people voicing...
4 months ago
I'm sorry but who is he? At no point in the article it says why this guy's opinion should matter, he's president of the Slovenian Footballers and Sportsmen Uni...
Anyway this is not a case of "making our money back"... If that's what our board wanted, they just wouldn't buy players at all and they wouldn't take the risk....
Remove Blind for Smalling, and either Herrera or Schneiderlin for Pogba (hopefully) and that's probably our best 11.
Well technically 99% of handballs are not intentional, except those like the Suarez one against Ghana a couple of years ago and some technical foul (deliberatel...
You're right Dom, I wonder how Fergie would have treated Aurier...
7 months ago
Yes he did change it, it was the definition of wrong
8 months ago
^I was going to say it, but I didn't want to look mean
Well to be fair he's been terrific since coming on
9 months ago
I think we should go for him, I agree with everything you said. Also, he doesn't strike me as someone who relied on speed to have success, so the fact that he ...
It's almost has if he wants to be hated, as if he wanted to lose… I do hope we win though but it's hard to be optimistic with this line up
10 months ago
^will he be eligible to play today?
Truth has been spoken. Out of everyone who wrote about this (united fans included), you make the most sense.
1 year ago
2 years ago
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