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Dude you forgot the pen to sign the contract, it ain't gonna sign itself.
4 months ago
Could we invert the triangle in midfield, a bit like City does with Fernandinho? And then maybe put Pogba and MataLindgard as no 8s in front of Matic.
I'm actually surprised there isn't more hype on the forum regarding Sanchez's likely transfer to us. Have we become cynical with all those previous transfer ru...
5 months ago
City are just unreal. They're almost walking into Stoke's net with the ball...
8 months ago
What's the point of investing into grass roots development for girls if they don't have the possibility to play professional? I know there are a lot of other b...
12 months ago
That means a midfield trio of Fellaini, Carrick and Herrera? And a front three of Lingard, Rashford and Mkhitarian? Can't see Martial starting this one.
1 year ago
I hope you guys get over your ex's quicker than you are getting (or trying to get) over Mourinho lol
First thing I thought was Blind in the Carrick role, but I could be wrong.
He may be playing badly, but saying he's a flop is a bit of a stretch. I think you need a bigger sample of games, three quarter of a season is not enough. For...
I can't disagree when you say you cannot win if the base is weak but in response to the original message, I think it's false to say we have a light squad. An...
While I do agree that the top EPL clubs lack quality in their squad in comparison with teams like Bayern, Real and Barca, I think you are being harsh with your ...
"As a business owner, you do everything you can by decreasing your taxes, of course must be done within laws." Well... It seems like it wasn't done within the ...
I'm sorry Bazinga, but when you're talking about the big teams, it's clearly an advantage not to have European football. Obviously it's not an advantage for a ...
Ultimately, I'm all for video review. I'm from Canada so I watch a lot of hockey and we've been using for something like 2 years I think. It's been working gr...
Yeah you're right, in the end that's how I see it but I can totally understand that someone else would see it otherwise. I think it's interesting to think if...
I'm not quite sure how "best football" can be subjective... "Beautiful football" could be, but it's pretty simple to analyze who is playing the best. We've had...
You're right obviously I won't complain lol, especially when Liverpool dropped points earlier.
Really harsh call, got to be honest and say that's not a red card (a least imo)... The only thing I can see is that Feghouli jumped, but I thought both players ...
4 years ago
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