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Did anyone else feel Coentrao was absolutely horrible in this game? Half the time he was colliding with Ramos !! His vision was really bad in his game ......
1 year ago
And 3-2 to Madrid :D
2-2 :( .......... Why did Mou take Kaka' off anyways? He did well including an assist !!
The point is not about Higuain and Benzema, its just that Higuain has failed once too many to turn up on big occasions when the the team needed him most.
Yes but he also missed multiple chances in the same game, Benzema plays much better under pressure and has scored many more crucial goals.
Will Higuain ever ever score in a big game ?
Would someone tell Di Maria to not just put in a million crosses into the box and wait for Ronaldo to score? He should be making better use of the talented mid-...
1. Why does everyone want Kaka' out? How many minutes did he play the whole season and how well did we play when he was out? 2. And I dont think we need a major...
We played well after Kaka' and Benz came on, Higuain goes missing in big games all too often. I dont remember the last time he played well in a big game. And as...
Classy comment from a fan of a classy and a legendary club !!
Absolutely, it was easy to see Kaka' changed the game after he came on. He should start in every match.
United played both the legs as if they were away legs, Madrid had more possession more shots on target and scored 4 out of the 5 goals over the two legs. And th...
OK we play great counter attacking football. But also give us credit for the way we kept possession whenever we had the ball. The passing was brilliant and its ...
@Tharius: Could'nt agree more with you. I have been arguing with people who say Di Maria is the best winger we have and stuff. To be honest what you said is the...
Yeah finally someone noticed how many times Di Maria loses possession, he should try to be less selfish sometimes.
I know, dont understand what he has to do to get into the first team for Mourinho !!
@Weegeez Di Maria wasn't threatening he was stopped by United in and around the box though he did manage to get some shots. Did you see the way he gifted the ba...
Honestly Di Maria did not play well. If you watch the whole match, he tried to dribble too much or wasted the ball with unfruitful passes (will give him credit...
I just want him to start more games :) ........... No idea why Mourinho doesnt think that way !!
Did any one else notice how bad Coentrao has been for us in the past few games? And high time to give Kaka atleast some playing minutes ?
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