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Honest to god i have never teared up at movie that wasn't a laughing tear. thats why i made the topic
6 years ago
Thats pretty sad...
Wasn't really that bad. the east coast just isn't prepared for earthquakes. ppl in California think we're retarded tho
True that. Some guys are kinda femine tho.... poor sods. Life of Brian kicked ass btw funny as hell.
LOL Same here man!!!
Im just wondering what movies made people cry... :)
I was in my old high school. My first thought was the building was finally collapsing lol i got outside and realized it was an earthquake and thought "thank god...
I can't believe i missed that match!!! >:(
??? where did Nani come from?
7 years ago
Probably, it's going to be one hell of a race. Anything can happen, it'll be fun to watch.
I didn't see the Jimmy Briand Kick but if it was like the Rooney one it would have to be amazing.
Why not? And lets build this huge collisuem so they can fight in it and everyone can watch the fight from the stands... lol
That was cold. lol
Tbh he probably will be sold because chicharito is really starting to get in the zone and rooney is just a supporter now. Not to sell him short he is doing well...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think that nani is probably trying to get a better contract. He'll go to whomever offers him the better deal.
The drama queen... he may be talented, but seriously valencia was more effective. Effectiveness beats talent anyday.
After todays match, It seems that Hernandez is shaping up nicely. If he keeps it up he will definitely be the best player man utd has right now. Hopefully he ca...
Btw oneal and shaq are the same person.
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