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@JRangel: Wait, who again was in the Portugal squad which was in the euro final again? Figo, Deco, Nuno Gomes (the young and goog version) and superior defender...
Allez Alleeeeez! Erster Fußballclub Kööööööln!
7 years ago
Actually, being from Germany and so not a fanatic supporter of either team but then again being a huge admirer and fan of both teams for years, I have to give m...
Nice game by my team :D
As beautiful as Rooneys goal was, the second Arsenal-goal impressed me even more. 5 one touches result in the goal, the ball went from the Arsenal-box to the op...
That's an example of a game why football is the best sport of all time! And it dosn't hurt being the fan of the underdog who unlikely gets back against the favo...
You've got to be kidding me. Barton must, MUST see that he'll hit Diaby with full speed. And any sane man or player should be able to tell, where the risk is, w...
I'm an Arsenal supporter, but just watching the Highlights shows were this game made it's turnaround: Arrogance, pure arrogance. They thought after leading 4:0 ...
Wow. In this one counter attack, Ronaldo missed 7 opportunities to play a good and deadly pass. And the time he passed, there was no more opportunity. That's wh...
I remember when he played against Bayern with the Rangers he really impressed me. Kind of sad he never became more popular all across europe.
@ Footyfan: Ok, your evidence that CR7 is better than Messi is the history of his clubs? Maybe you want take a look at their current situation... And the last t...
@ footy4torres: Did you even think about comparing their football intelligance? It's the most important skill and Messi owns Ronaldo... Result: Messi is way bet...
Actually, as great as Messi is playing right now, it's a World Cup season... Look at the results from 1998, 2002, 2006 and you see, that Messi should at least p...
8 years ago
@ Shinsui: By pointing out that it's always happening against Arsenal players plus your whole agenda against anybody defending Shacross leads to the assumption ...
Shinsui, give it a rest please! It's heartbreaking to see this happen to Ramsey, but to say it was Shacross intention to hurt Ramsey or even break his leg is ju...
He played good the last few games. He's on his way back, what's inspiring is his passes, his finish needs to get back to it's old quality
Malaga seems to be a dirty teams. They forgot they should fight, not play dirty...
No defense, no midfield, no attack... I was shocked by this poor display. What happened to Argentina? I mean, they haven't been able to play the simplest pass....
Fabregas seems to be in topshape. Right now, if fully healthy, maybe the best player in the World, even in front of the other popular names. Could be his seaso...
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