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4 years ago
No you're staring at Wenger too much.
5 years ago
Lol they won a game and now they are back to their old days :) You are awesome :)
You win some .. you lose some, just get on with it.
I tried to change my password to "ArsenalsDefence" but it said it was too weak
Well he has to eat his own words doesn't he? Saying to the media how bored he was being Bayern's keeper and all that, but made a stupid mistake. I'm telling yo...
Guardiola isn't a guarantee. Look at Barcelona now, they are fine without him. In fact Maurinho can Wigan's Martinez could switch to Barcelona and they would st...
Aww.. might as well give hug and kisses.
We don't have the egde? You know who you remind me of? Alan Hensen and his infamous "you won't win with boys" quote. That's just pathetic.
Cool story bro
It's so difficult to win at Anfield, even Liverpool can't win there
It would be 4-5-1 with Rooney playing in the midfield. No man marked against Ronaldo. Playing it safe and providing no space for Madrid to counter attack. Betis...
Roy Keane reminds me of Red Foreman.
Wow, a draw? Seriously? With all the media saying it's a walk in the park for Madrid, the last thing I want to hear from you and United fans is us being pessi...
Honor? Pepe has a different idea about what honor is.
Oh Marca say what you want about Rooney and Man United, but just like Red Foreman said.. "You are about to read a book that my foot wrote. It's called "On The R...
So you're smarter than the ref? I bet you wouldn't last 10 mins on the pitch with that dirty mouth of yours.
You sound like a super clown too. You guys are related?
The word you're looking for is TOOK, or TOUCHED. You're welcome.
Lol :) hypocritical .. I bet you did not feel the same way when you robbed us 3 points over the home and away games 3 seasons ago, did ya? :)
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