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4 years ago
Chelseas midfield depth is absolutley insane. They could make one team with just midfielders.
Robin929 nominated F. Lampard (25') for Goal of the Week
Robin929 nominated A. Svensson (75') for Goal of the Week
It's preseason. Relax.
Lol att Pedro throwing himself in the madridplayer and crying afterwards around the 10:50 mark.
5 years ago
Great game by Bayern, cant say the same about Arsenal.
The amount of 12 year old super biased fans on this website is too damn high. Man U = Rubbish? 1 - 1 on SB is a very good result, no matter how you argue.
Looked like Brazil had a shitty game. For so many technically gifted players with great passing skills, i expected more from them. Poor coaching?
Only saw the first half, had schoolwork to do and a deadline at 23:59 :( I was really impressed by Argentina, their attackspeed were crazy and whenever they att...
Brighton & Hove were aweesome. 2 - 3 against a team like Arsenal is just fantastic. B&H = Awesome. Arsenal = Lucky.
Haha, what kind of troll logic is that? Just becuse Arsenal, a team which i have no connection to, other then that i like them, have some really embarising game...
I am not saying he or Liverpool cheated, im sure every other player would have done the same thing if they got the ball on their hand like that. But winning wit...
Winning like that against Mansfield Town... be ashamed Liverpool, be ashamed. MT = Awesome. L = Rubbish.
Sir Alex is going to have a heartattack one day if Man U continue to score this late.
Torres deserved that second yellow, diving/overreaction needs to be taken away from this damn sport.
Gervinho needs to be replaced by someone who can score goals. He would be better as a sub with walcott. T
Anders Svensson was a beast!
6 years ago
Wow... United is looking really really strong. Great game by United and Friedel did some great saves.
Watching a el classico is like watching a hockeygame. Alot of hits and the players fall on the field all the time...
I am not so good at football rules but Barton DID foul Gervhino inside the penalty box WHEN the game was on. Shouldnt that be a penalty to Arsenal? :/ Anyway, ...
Can always comfort myself with the fact that preseason means nothing. But Arsenals problems can obvously been seen here.
Amazing game by Chiva!
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