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Exactly what were they robbed of? a draw and they were still knocked out?
5 years ago
Well said compatriot
I'm a little confused as to why everyone is saying england were lucky the 'Goal that should have been a goal but was offside' was ruled out. We still would have...
@spainrule you have just contradicted yourself, if the previous passage of play is irrelevant because the referee missed it; then so is the GOAL that the refere...
Its gonna be brilliant when we beat the italians
Torres didn't score the winning goal, he put a nail in the coffin what would valdez fouling torres in the 91st minute have done except for waste time?. Ramires ...
6 years ago
Dtouch do you hate english people? its actually english commentators that are the most neutral if you ever listened without poop smothered headphones
People mistake optimism and national pride for 'overrating' their teams a lot. It feels like a personal attack on england when all people say is how bad they ar...
It was a great result and i was pleased, how citycitizen thinks that we ever expected to win is beyond me. I'm happy we got to see the fresh faces and cant see ...
So from outside observations england have gone from over estimating england's potential to under-estimating it. Another example of why the English fan is always...
Either A. I had my fun or B. you're going to be a security guard when you grow up I can't wait for this summer of sport... it's gonna be huuuuge!
Clint Dempsey?
England defended very well throughout the entire match except for a momentary blip against a team fielding the majority of the dutch world cup finalists
England are improving, which is fact. That game was lively, and if not for the genius of Robben could have been very different. People who know nothing about en...
Hence "i've yet to see it"
Why are there so many stupid football fans in this comment section? you give the good ones a bad name
If he got up a minute later he was play acting, like every foul in the game it took about 10 rolls on the floor and a look of excrutiating pain to get up
Actually ronaldo does do it by himself, i've yet to see both of them perform well at international level also
He stomped on his hand to stop him jerking off over ronaldo's wife
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