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Shut up. she was 17 or 18, and NOT 13 ok?
8 years ago
After signing his new contract until 2015, Ribery will now come back as the new World Football Player 2011. :)
Bayern > Inter Probably Bayern is the best team on earth.hahahahahha :D:D:D:D:D: !11! !!!11 !111 ! !111! ! !! ! OWNED! !!!! ! ! !!!11!!1!11!!11!1 ! 1!!1!
Come on. OL did really well against REAL and Bordeaux (->great Lloris). All in all it was a very very big success for the club-(history) to play the semi-finals...
Still a chance to appeal? The UEFA know, that bayern will sppeal. Because of that, they banned him for 3 matches and not 2 matches. SO if Bayern appeal. Do u th...
OH MY GOD, Ribery is BANNED for 3 MATCHES. the judges at uefa are so ridiculous. too hard in my opinion.
OH MY GOD, Ribery is BANNED for 3 MATCHES. the judges at uefa are so ridiculous. too hard in my opinion.
More like Ribery vs Zanetti....
LvG said that he need him for Saturday's match against Gladbach :) I couldnt understand, too, why he sub out robben. He better should sub out Muller (AFTER 1st ...
You are the man :)
Yeah, bu the said sorry for that after the game and the couch knows how to handle that. He is the boss and he told him that. No probleme betweem anymore.
Omg watch more football. the style bayern plays football, let REAL dream about. hahah
Docdre99: u r just a noob at football isnt it? Barca CL Wins: 3 Lyon CL WINS: 0 Inter CL WINS: 2 BAYERN CL WINS: 4 r u kiddying me? smaall team he sad. Are u ...
@alf: I watched it again. You are right. He didnt hit Schweini but it was "gestrecktes bein" I dont know the word in English. I hope u understand what I mean.
Van gaal > mourinho !!!!!
Absolutly correct interpretation. @alf: the 2nd foul from Toulalon was yellow. So yellow+yellow makes RED. He was just a milisecond too late to get the ball fr...
Lucky Lyon. OMG Even when Bayern had 10 men, they played awesome for those "20minutes". Lyon had no chance. No Comment anymore. very sad
I agree with Saintlker, but nobody remember^^
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