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Ian Rush left for juventus then came back a year later under dalglish, you never know it could happen.
2 years ago
Just chuck Adam Morgan in.
Marco Reus is a class act, wouldn't cost as much and is more likely to come.
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Holland are #1 in the world mate.
I agree with all but lennon, hes a bit overrated for mine especially with his crossing. We'll need a lot more of that this season with carroll in the box.
Miami are the man city of basketball, i hate them.
Apparently the clause is for the right to talk personal terms and do a medical, all they need it the agreement between clubs.
Cool bro.
Deals total value is 20mil, so its whatever N'gog is valued at and cash.
I hope so
"some silly family issues", thats a bit much?
Bro Jawn i can't even be f**cked reading your second comment cause its probably the same useless crap like in your first. BarcaMessi is better than you, your ju...
___________________________REINA_____________________________ Johnson___________Skrtel___________Agger_______________Baines ____________________Lucas_________...
Young and hazard
Young looks real good for england or even downing wouldn't be too bad. Hazard looks really good aswell he'd be a good buy.
1, carroll with pacey wingers would be so deadly
Complete dive don't try and deny it, but that's how it happens these days apparently.
U21s dont have to be included in the 25 man squad im pretty sure, you could fit a few more in if you want.
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