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4 years ago
Ribery7 gave the VfB Stuttgart v Bayern München video a rating of 4
Ribery7 nominated Thiago Alcântara (90') for Goal of the Week
Ribery7 nominated M. Özil (8') for Goal of the Week
Ribery7 updated his profile
You are one true fan xD özil has done a lot for you guys and it was not his intend to go your club forced him to do so
Its clear ancelotti and perez decided that di maria or özil had to go because they need some money to refinance the bale deal and its not a secret that ancelo...
Http://t.qkme.me/3s3ppn.jpg :D
Yes it is his official ;)
Jerome boateng posted on his facebook page to özil good luck at arsenal ;) so i would say its very sure that you signed him congratulations to a real worldc...
Ribery7 thought the Bayern München v Chelsea match was awesome
Ribery7 nominated Fernando Torres (8') for Goal of the Week
*___* love bayern so much !!! hope this wonderful journey continues :D
Ribery7 nominated A. Robben (89') for Goal of the Week
Ribery7 gave the Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München video a rating of 5
5 years ago
Ribery7 nominated A. Robben (48') for Goal of the Week
Ribery7 gave the Barcelona v Bayern München video a rating of 5
Robben is a beast !!! no way we let him go did u see yesterdays game ? robben played worldclass great attacking great defending on the wing he is one of the...
Ribery is at his best this season outstanding performances in a row ! you have to look more closely he is not only a winger he is our creative station with sch...
Nooooooo we need robben !!! robben is awesome !!! one of the best wingers in the world dont forget that
Http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xymbzw_bayern-munich-vs-hamburger-sv-9-2-bundesliga-highlights-official-hd-30-03-13_sport#.UVhwf1fYn7I full highlights ;)
... nope
Lucky bastards :D this should be our draw :D hm ok then we meet at semi final? this would be a CL Classico :) and barca vs bvb on the other side that would ...
I hope heynckes will put in gomez more often because in CL u need a striker like him mandzukic doesnt work there and against juve we need a icecold striker u...
Juve will be a very hard opponent italian teams are always difficult but we are bayern munich we played a awesome season until now so come on :) juve be awa...
Its sad to see arsenal lose but the spurs where the stronger team this day i think the problem of the arsenal team is the balance between midfield and defens...
Dominated werder like a BOSS ;)
Ribery7 added new photos to Bayern Munich
8 years ago
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